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Kraft and Polly-O String Cheese Recall 2013

Recall Alert! Kraft And Polly-O String Cheeses Recalled

Kraft String Cheese Recall

Moms, you may want to rethink today's after school snack. Kraft Foods Group has recalled several Kraft and Polly-O string cheese snacks in the United States. The company recalled 22 varieties due to premature spoiling and has stopped production and distribution until it resolves the problem. The affected products have a "Best When Used By Date" ranging from Oct. 25, 2013 to Feb. 11, 2014.

Visit the Food and Drug Administration website for a complete list of recalled products as well as instructions on how to receive a refund.

mommyoffour9906 mommyoffour9906 3 years
Thank goodness its not a brand my kids love. I bought this brand once earlier in the year and no one particularly liked it, so I quit buying it. Im surprised it was with a Kraft product, but I'm still not happy with the huge amount of recalls they are doing. It seems within the past few years, every single week something else is getting recalled. Are people actually doing their jobs now or have production companies gotten lazy with how things are made? Still, its ridiculous though. It seems nothing is safe anymore.
EmiliaKoiler1370721671 EmiliaKoiler1370721671 3 years
All of a sudden there are so many recalls going on!?!
SuzanneGalindo SuzanneGalindo 3 years
My granddaughters love string cheese, I will not be purchasing this brand soon.
Rachel14549254 Rachel14549254 3 years
So there's nothing inherently wrong with it? No contamination, etc.?
LynnWheeler12475 LynnWheeler12475 3 years
Premature spoiling? Did they forget to put the chemical preservatives in the cheese? I quit buying this brand after seeing that they put preservatives in their product.
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