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Kush Breast Cushion

Kush for Your Twins: Ga Ga or Gag?

Breastfeeding can leave even the flattest of ladies feeling like Dolly Parton for a day or two. For those ladies who have welcomed a new set of twins in addition to baby, the Kush ($65) is a coveted accessory. Ladies place the padded slip–resistant cushion between their breasts before laying down for a snooze. Kush keeps the "girls" supported, which apparently makes for a better night's sleep and less wrinkled cleavage. Watch the video and tell me what you think.

Kush Support - A Natural Rest For The Breasts - Funny video clips are a click away
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hoddie hoddie 8 years
I think that's stupid. But if you want one, save the $65 (!) and just stuff a rolled up washcloth between "the girls". Gag.
Ericka Ericka 8 years
Never thought of stuffing anything between my breasts. I'll have to try that and save the $65 dollars. Love the idea but not the price.
snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 8 years
thats all fine i guess. i never feel comfortable wearing what the lady was in the clip, i need the support of something tight and stretchy for my medium, natural 'twins.' so far that kind of sleepwear is good enough. her name is kathinka or something? that's unique~~~~~~
Greggie Greggie 8 years
I just wear a bra. But man, I hate the term "the twins." For starters, mine aren't identical.
kellys kellys 8 years
$65 is pretty steep, but i could see something coveting something like that if it was cheaper. especially during the last stages of pregnancy and when engorgement sets in at the beginning of breast-feeding.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 8 years
LOL!! Seriously?
cutecurls cutecurls 8 years
lol I like how they demonstrate on the implanted model vs a natural one.
anniebananie anniebananie 8 years
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