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LEGO's Friends Line for Girls Raises Controversy

LEGO's Friends Line for Girls Raises Controversy

LEGO's Friends Line for Girls Raises Controversy

Accidentally stepping on a stranded piece of LEGO while barefoot  and then clutching your foot in pain while you hop around in the dark  is almost a rite of passage of parents whose kids reach a certain age. Still, most of us manage to love this versatile building toy anyway, for the endless creativity it encourages in our kids.

That is until recently. The LEGO company is losing parental love over its new gender-stereotyped line for girls, "LEGO Friends." As Jezebel describes it, "Unlike Lego's best-selling city line, which features realistic buildings, the [Friends] town is built with new pastel bricks and the main attractions include a beauty salon, a horse academy, a veterinary clinic, and a café. ... Each girl has a different personality: 'the smart girl,' 'the animal lover,' 'the beautician, and 'the singer.'"

Would you pick these Legos for your daughter?

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Image Source: Nick Ferrari via Business Week

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DelveenPoland DelveenPoland 5 years
I would definately buy it as both my girls play with my boys lego. I love lego and the endless amount of fun that you can have with it, i love sitting with all my 6 kids playing and building with it all. My kids have really good imaginations stemmed sometimes from LEGO..
JenniBush JenniBush 5 years
If my daughter wanted that set, I'd buy them for her without a second thought! I don't see the issue. As long as they don't have pregnant teen girl, or stripper girl, who cares? If she wants a dump truck for Christmas, there it is. Kids look at these toys WAY different than we do.
AmySowers39980 AmySowers39980 5 years
I wish there were more "girly" type Legos. my little girl love them and would love it. I think its nothing wrong with have different types. Go for Legos
Rasa22883 Rasa22883 5 years
I had pink legos when I was little.... What is wrong with this over-sensitive, politically correct portion of the public?! Seriously... Who cares?
SheralynPetersen SheralynPetersen 5 years
Whats the difference between lego doing it and Barbie or Bratz dolls??
NicoleAlexander18890 NicoleAlexander18890 5 years
I read on with the different articles that were attached and it looks like Lego finally got it right. I was an 80's baby and so I remember Lego had houses and a garden center thing when I was into them and I thought it was awesome. I also agree over the years they have lost touch with the girl buyers so yes I am all for the new enhanced Lego for girls and in a few years I am sure I will buying them for my daughter :)
CarolBlundell CarolBlundell 5 years
They look less painful to stand on so I'm all for it.
JanuarySquires JanuarySquires 5 years
i cant believe anyone would have a problem with this. most girls like girly things. come on.
JenniferSandberg14552 JenniferSandberg14552 5 years
My daughter has had girly pink legos for ages. She is 7. Someone just got my 1 year old a pink lego/duplo bus with a few pink and while blocks and a female driver. I love them. I don't see anything wrong with a girl being able to play with colors she may like better. Lego Indiana Jones or Star Wars may not really appeal to girls. I think it's one of "those" toys. The "smart girl" can be taken wrong just like the vacuum cleaner that my 1 year old got. "I'm going to clean the house today, I'm going to whistle while I play"..... I mean, that could be viewed very "60's rolesy" kick a generation back type of toy. But it's cute and I'm not going to turn my kid into a bare-footed baby maker that cleans the house all day just because she has girly toys. No one makes you buy anything.
AnnaAyala AnnaAyala 5 years
I think all parents balance this type of stuff out on their own by making sure girls get play time with "boy toys" as well as "girl toys" and making it clear to girls that they can be whatever they want to be. Get your girl some doctor toys, for pete's sake instead of complaining about the freakin' Legos. Or better yet, buy another lego set that has a helicopter and pilot for her to build so that she gets to see a little bit of everything.
AntoinetteDaniels AntoinetteDaniels 5 years
Lego's are a really cool toy. I loved playing with them any color. My son loved to build with them as well. Hopefully this will inspire more women to have careers in Architecture and design. God knows we need them.
LindaHodges24190 LindaHodges24190 5 years
I think this is a non-issue....
SallyWilhelmJohnston SallyWilhelmJohnston 5 years
I was just saying the other day that I wish there were more "girl" legos. My daughter does not want to play with my sons Star Wars or Ninjago. The only set she likes is the Harry Potter . They need to find a girl theme attached to a movie or book series -- "Fancy Nancy" legos?
marie98206 marie98206 5 years
I was recently in the Lego store in Downtown Disney and was really disappointed that they had nothing for girls. What the heck is the issue? I'm really happy about this! I think I'll go buy some girly legos for my daughter! Nice job Lego! This is not a big deal.
ChristaSigman ChristaSigman 5 years
I don't understand the controversy. Lego isn't saying girls can't have other legos, nor that boys can't play with these. It is just another option. My second cousin got a really cute Hello Kitty lego house for Christmas at our big family gathering. She is four. She played for over an hour, sitting quietly and manipulating both the house and the kitties. WHat is wrong with that?
TraceyPiper TraceyPiper 5 years
Yes, I think it is cool that Legos have become more personalized for girls. I can't believe someone sees this as controversial. They most be bored or love to complain. I see the use of pastel legos to build businesses as a beauty salon or car shows a girl she do whatever she wants including having a pink car or her own beauty shop!! It's empowering!!:)
SallyTempleton SallyTempleton 5 years
Oh please! Can't you people think of better things to raise contraversy over? Lets not buy our daughters pink legos, but lets buy our sons killing and car theft video games. Hmm...See anything wrong with this picture?
SharraeBelle SharraeBelle 5 years
I think some people take this whole "unisex" thing too seriously. Guess what there is a difference between boys and girls. I have a 3 yr old daughter and she choose pink and purple as her favorite colors on her own. I am a Tom boy so I try not to influence her to go one way or the other. Like some of the other mother I agree that if my daughter wanted these legos I would buy them. I do have a problem with the "smart girl". Beauticians and animals lovers can be smart as well. But that's our job as responsible parents to let our daughters know that.
ChristineHermes ChristineHermes 5 years
There are already girl Legos, maybe they are trying to appeal to more girls! This is such a non-issue!
ChristineHermes ChristineHermes 5 years
Why can't people just buy both, aren't Barbies the same thing?
CarolynCollins61952 CarolynCollins61952 5 years
If I had a daughter I'd buy it for her. I don't see the problem with Lego making specific sets for girls, especially when so many are marketed to little boys, like the Star Wars sets out now. I think that it's about time that Lego started making sets foe girls.
KendraBrantley57192 KendraBrantley57192 5 years
I think people overthink things too much. If you make toys acertain color and way for boys,why not for girls? Not much differences there!
JackieButler21925 JackieButler21925 5 years
my only problem w it is that its focused to be a "girls" toy. why not just a new variety of legos? there would be nothing wrong for a boy to want to build a horse farm or a cafe or beauty salon, just like it would be fine for a girl to want to build a skyscraper. why cant a toy be a toy? why do they have to be girls' or boys' toys??
BethLail BethLail 5 years
Does Lego not gender type boys Legos? Pirates, Space ships, knights, cars, just to name a few. As a mother of two daughters, I am happy to see a little more girly block themes. Have been looking for these for years.
LizMellors LizMellors 5 years
i would LOVE to buy these!!! but i only have boys :( is it reallllly that awful to let girls play with pink toys and boys -blue toys? never did me, my family or friends any harm!!! silly article but great advertising for girly lego!!
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