In the immediate days following the birth of a lil one, sex is probably one of the last things on a mama's mind. Between nursing schedules, diaper changes and recovery, women may have little desire for intimacy. In fact, nearly 65 percent of lilsugar readers said they waited about eight weeks to jump back in the saddle, so to speak, while almost all of them commented that the first times weren't the most pleasant experiences.

While lots of Americans wait to get the six-week postpartum OK from their doctors, it appears that the French do things differently. In last week's Guardian newspaper, an ex-pat recalled her shock at receiving a prescription for a procedure called la rééducation périnéale après accouchement — perineal retraining after childbirth — after delivering her babe at a French hospital. To read more about this practice,


According to her friends, the procedure has been used since World War I, when French women were encouraged to procreate quickly following the deaths of so many soldiers. The writer goes into great detail about the procedure, which is paid for by the state government and described as:

"An extended course of gymnastics for the pelvic area, which also involves electric devices being used to strengthen the birth canal muscles."

Would you go through postpartum medical treatment to help ease your way back into having sex?