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Lactation Consultants

Lactation Consultants Lead Babies to Mother's Milk

Expectant mamas planning on nursing their newborn straight out of the womb are often surprised by the task — especially first time mothers. Some lucky mamas may slip into a nice natural groove while others, like myself, find themselves tortured by the pain. After a few agitated days of breastfeeding, I buckled under pressure and sought out a lactation consultant to advise me on my practices.

We shook hands and introduced ourselves as any strangers might do in a work place. But then we quickly got down to business. She asked me the details of my daughter's nursing habits — when, how long, what position and which sides, etc. To judge for herself, she asked me to put my daughter on the breast. In her small office, I sat in the most upright position with a nursing stool, a Brest Friend wrapped around my waist, and fed my newborn as my husband, mom and lactation consultant looked on.

To see how it all worked out,

Quickly she pressed my infant's face harder onto the boob leaving her little room to pull off. After a few minutes of purveying the situation, the consultant scribbled a page worth of notes, handed me a pack of Lily Padz for my ailing tatas and weighed my baby. Almost instantly, she had the answer to my problem. After about 30 minutes of counseling, I thanked her and offered her a hug as if I had known her my whole life. I guess baring my breasts to a total stranger has that effect on me. But more than that, I wanted her to know how much I appreciated her helping me along the path to successful and (less) painless breastfeeding.

Did you seek out a lactation consultant?

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