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Lactation Consultants Lead Babies to Mother's Milk

Expectant mamas planning on nursing their newborn straight out of the womb are often surprised by the task — especially first time mothers. Some lucky mamas may slip into a nice natural groove while others, like myself, find themselves tortured by the pain. After a few agitated days of breastfeeding, I buckled under pressure and sought out a lactation consultant to advise me on my practices.

We shook hands and introduced ourselves as any strangers might do in a work place. But then we quickly got down to business. She asked me the details of my daughter's nursing habits — when, how long, what position and which sides, etc. To judge for herself, she asked me to put my daughter on the breast. In her small office, I sat in the most upright position with a nursing stool, a Brest Friend wrapped around my waist, and fed my newborn as my husband, mom and lactation consultant looked on.

To see how it all worked out,

Quickly she pressed my infant's face harder onto the boob leaving her little room to pull off. After a few minutes of purveying the situation, the consultant scribbled a page worth of notes, handed me a pack of Lily Padz for my ailing tatas and weighed my baby. Almost instantly, she had the answer to my problem. After about 30 minutes of counseling, I thanked her and offered her a hug as if I had known her my whole life. I guess baring my breasts to a total stranger has that effect on me. But more than that, I wanted her to know how much I appreciated her helping me along the path to successful and (less) painless breastfeeding.

Did you seek out a lactation consultant?

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roxtarchic roxtarchic 8 years
we got someone in to help us... and i would only like to say she made it worse... the baby wouldnt latcho n for her either (even after 3 hours of trying), she was certified, and i'm sure might have helped others. but the follow up... she called us constantly to see if she could offer more assistance... and i MEAN CONSTANTLY. i just couldnt take it... he didnt latcho n i was heartbroken and i pumped for as long as i could (even thru mastitis)... my experience was not a pleasant one and for $300... it wasnt worth it for us. BUT w/that said.... if you need the help and want to breastfeed, i'd absolutely recommend it... just dont beat yourself up if it doesnt work.
Moms Moms 8 years
Chouette4u — yes, I should have also stated that my job wasn't the only reason I decided to wean my kids.
Chouette4u Chouette4u 8 years
"the office at my old job wasn't really set up for pumping. " In California, your employer HAS to provide a place for you to pump that is not a bathroom. I just want other Lil readers to know their rights!
Gruberr1 Gruberr1 8 years
I didn't and wish I had sought one out. I had a difficult time with my son and found the consultants at the hospital to be brusque and condescending. I ended up pumping exclusively for two months and had a love/hate relationship with the whole process. This time around, I am already seeking out names of consultants who can help me avoid similar latching issues once the baby arrives.
Moms Moms 8 years
This is a great piece. I never saw a lactation consultant, both my kids latched on easily and I didn't have any trouble nursing them. But, I only did it for three months since I was going back to work and the office at my old job wasn't really set up for pumping.
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 8 years
I had the help of my sister, who nursed her first two, and when she couldn't help me to took me to see the LC, she helped so much. She showed me more techniques to try, and gave me lots of info. I had a daughter that just didn't want to latch properly. I always struggled with her latch until I gave in at 9 months. I was ok as long as I wasn't asleep of half asleep because I could adjust her latch if she wasn't doing it right. That was our issue.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
I sought help from a LC. While I was there and they were helping it was wonderful and BF'ing actually worked. When I went home it all fell apart. I went several times and invested more money than I could afford on trying to make it work. In the end it became apparent that it only was working because I had an extra set of hands. Without four hands at home it was impossible to recreate what we were having to do to keep my jaundicey baby awake enough to actually nurse. I would recommend an LC to anyone struggling though. It probably would have helped more with my first son as he had the urge just a horrible latch.
Chouette4u Chouette4u 8 years
Make sure you see an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). These are the people who are most qualified to help you and the only *real* certification. There are a lot of people out there who call themselves lactation consultants, but it doesn't guarantee that they know what they are talking about and you can get some bad advice.
schnappycat schnappycat 8 years
I saw several over the course of a few weeks and they honestly didn't help much. They all agreed I had a difficult child (they called him a "barracuda"), and while they offered some helpful suggestions that I tried, ultimately it just didn't work for me. I stopped BF and pumping after about 4 weeks and was much happier after that. I'm sure a better person would have been more persistent and gone back to see the LC many more times, but it wasn't a priority to me those early weeks given the difficulties I had.
haydee haydee 8 years
Yes I did consult a lactation consultant and it helped me a lot. However I decided to stop after 2 months because I just hated pumping and it felt like it was the only thing I was doing. The only problem I had were the clogged milk ducts and an occasional engorgement.
isabelle315 isabelle315 8 years
No, and I really wish I had. I had a hard time breastfeeding because it was so incredibly painful. The nurses at the hospital tried to help, but they were so impersonal and brusque that they made me very uncomfortable and therefore unable to gain from their instructions. I ended up giving up on breastfeeding after about a month, and while I know my daughter will be just fine having been fed with formula, I wish that I had given it more of a chance.
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