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Words of wisdom? LilSugar reader Beaner is now full term and ready to go. She's asking our readers for some last minute advice in The Pregnancy Posse group.

Well I'm 38 weeks prego, and finally realize that really, the baby could come at any time. My hubby and I feel ready mentally, but I know nothing can prepare us for what it's going to be like to give birth and have a newborn. So fellow mommies — can you offer and advice or tips for new parents? Anything you wish someone told you before your little one arrived? Maybe about the birth, breastfeeding, or the first few weeks? Or things we should do now before the baby is born? We really appreciate it!

Want to talk pregnancy with other expectant mamas? Get the conversation started in The Pregnancy Posse group!

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Dearfoams1 Dearfoams1 6 years
Relax and keep comfortable!
wiggle wiggle 6 years
Enjoy your time before the baby arrives as much as you can. Go out to eat, hang out together, do nice thing for yourself alone. Once the baby comes, enjoy the random schedule the little puts you on and the quiet. Houses with newborns are so quiet compared to houses with 2-year-olds. Listen to your docs and take it really really really easy the first week after the baby is born. Breast feeding can be hard at first,but don't give up and seek help. Number one piece of advice is join a mom's group. Hanging out with other new mother is great; they know exactly what you're going through where other mom friends with older kids will have forgotten what it's like. You might make some lifelong friends. Good luck! You look great.
snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 6 years
book some photo shoots (look into which studio you want to use) before the baby is born so you can do newborn shots..... they chage their appearance weekly and the newborn shots i think must be done in the first week or two
MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
oh another thing, i dont know if you were planning on it or not, but i would definitely try a few carriers, because it is SO nice to have your little one close and be hands free while you do whatever you need to do. I was too afraid to try learning a wrap/sling/whatever my first time around, and i really regret it. It would have helped with her colic a ton. We got the sleepy wrap this time and LOVED using it.
Asche Asche 6 years
SLEEP. And, shower. Even if your baby is crying, SHOWER. He or she won't be traumatized from 5 minutes of tears, and feeling fresh and clean will make you feel partially human again!
starbucks2 starbucks2 6 years
Go get a haircut, a mani and pedi! You deserve it. Maybe have you legs won't have a lot of time to shower in the next weeks! And although it's gonna be stressful don't forget to enjoy it! Every second of it is magical. They grow up so fast and there's nothing quite like holding your newborn. Make your husband take lots and lots of pictures! You look amazing and I love that quilt! Did you make that?
jenni5 jenni5 6 years
That obnoxious comment you have probably heard 500x already...sleep when the baby sleeps...DO IT!!!! Let the housework go and seriously take cat naps when the baby does.
amandachalynn amandachalynn 6 years
Don't lose yourself. I know a lot of moms who totally lose who they are after the little one is born, and they just become MOM. Don't forget that you are also a wife, a sister, daughter, friend, etc. Take the time to go on date nights with your husband and girls nights with your friends, and don't feel guilty about it! Also, trust your husband. It's his baby too, and even if he doesn't do things the way you would, he's doing what he feels is right. I never second guess my husband or tell him he's wrong, because what he does works for him.
MonkiChriz MonkiChriz 6 years
Get a haircut. I haven't had my haircut since before my 9 month old was born because I can't stand to be away from him for an hour... Make sure you and your husband discuss who will do what: diaper change, baths, midnight feedings, etc. No sleep and frustration leads to some difficult times in your marriage, especially the first three months when both of you are exhausted. Babies aren't that interesting until they hit about 4 months. That's when they have real awake times and start developing a personality.l
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
From now until the baby is born, make sure that you always have enough to eat, are as well-rested as you can possibly be, and are clean. I went to my last doctor appointment, the one where I was induced, first thing in the morning. I hadn't eaten or showered...and then I was at the hospital, NPO (not allowed to eat), having a baby and surgery and visitors and constant nurse traffic while starving and dirty and cranky. >:(
MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
I think the absolute most important thing is attitude. You're so tired and overwhelmed and there are 10,000 things to do and a baby depending completely on you and its stressful. It took me a while to realize how incredibly important the right attitude is. For example - When you're about to fall over with exhaustion and the baby wont sleep, don't sit there wishing/trying to get them back to sleep. That seems liek common sense, but if your baby isn't a great sleeper, its easy to find yourself in that situation. Get up no matter how tired you are, and do something else with the baby that will wake you up and give the baby a change of pace. You can overcome ANYTHING with way less stress and more enjoyment with the right attitude, even if you are getting zero sleep.
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
You're going to be SO tired in the first few weeks. It might feel like you'll ways feel that way, and that can be overwhelming. But then one day you just sort of hit your stride and it comes together. The really tired days don't last that long in retrospect, but when you're in the middle of them, it's hard to realize that. Enjoy :baby:
Niami Niami 6 years
You really do look great! Breastfeeding was difficult for me, he had trouble latching on and then I had a milk blister. Breast shields are good to have when your nipples hurt, make sure you ask the nurse for some. If you need a breast pump and have trouble with breastfeeding while in the hospital, some insurance companies will cover the cost of the breast pump if the lactation consultant recommends it.
aembry396 aembry396 6 years
Definitely go out and enjoy as a couple...and when the little one comes, try and take opportunities for yourself. Accept help. OH! and if you have a lot of people dropping off meals and presents, have a notepad and a pen next to the door to write down who, when and what they brought. I forgot half of what was given and by whom in my baby-daze brain (but at the time, I thought I would of course remember!).
babysugar babysugar 6 years
You look fabulous Beaner!! My advice is to relax and enjoy yourselves as a couple - go to the movies, go out to dinner and sleep!
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