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Law Created to Prevent Kids from Having Sex Raises Eyebrows

Law Created to Prevent Kids from Having Sex Raises Eyebrows

Teachers in the state of Tennessee who teach sex education may have to muzzle the discussion of foreplay, including not only talk of oral sex, but of hand-holding and kissing.

In the effort to promote abstinence, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed into law a "sexual gateway" bill that forbids classroom discussion of any physical contact that can lead to sexual intercourse.

Supporters of the legislation say that kids can't stop themselves once they cross a certain threshold, and so it's foolish to teach them about sexually stimulating activities that can lead to intercourse. Critics think the opposite it true — that kids are more likely to behave safely and responsibly when they are well-informed.


Read the whole story (ABC News)

Which is more likely to be true for your kids?

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ShariKalous ShariKalous 5 years
ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right! And who is the sex police gonna be? Cause I have a sexually active teenager and there is no stopping her. So who is going to man this law? What a bunch of stupid ass MF'ers!
SarahMelendez SarahMelendez 5 years
I agree that talking about these things will ignite an interest in kids who were maybe on the fence. And if the goal is for kids to behave safely and responsibly- why does that discussion include foreplay?? This can be a win-win situation if the discussion stays focused on the ways to prevent STDs...
BrendaAndersen BrendaAndersen 5 years
My husband & I do talk to our children about sex, being that it is our responsibility, not the schools responsibility. We don not teach our children about oral sex or foreplay & I would be irritated if I found out a teacher or anyone for that matter was talking to my children about that. Maybe that's why they had to enact the law!?
RobinSmith39980 RobinSmith39980 5 years
Ridiculous. I knew about masturbation before I was 5 and it was not because of an adult teaching me. Stupid, stupid, stupid. People (and teens) have sex and have been doing so forever. the discussion should be on prevention or disease and pregnancy. Basic Education that is up front and real should be standard. Many parents don't want to discuss it with their kids and find it uncomfortable, waiting WAY too long.
KasiGillespie KasiGillespie 5 years
This law makes me ashamed to live in TN! Kids need to be taught safe sex practices not abstinence! Do they honestly think sweeping the issue under the rug will protect our kids? Yes, I do agree it is up to the parents to teach their kids these things but some parents just don't know how to or what to say. Poor teachers are now locked into teaching and promoting abstinence without teaching those kids that are going to have sex regardless how to protect them selves from STDs and even worse pregnancy!!!
JeanetteLopatka JeanetteLopatka 5 years
Yes, well, here's the problem with sex ed, its a slippery slope with no guidelines... I literally saw teachers teach HOW to have sex in the classroom. I mean really people? Come on.... And sorry, teaching sex... what about teaching "making love"? See, now we have a problem here. I bet no one is going to say they want their child how to be taught how to make love... but they want their child to learn about sex... Think about what it is you are asking for people... It is absurd.
doraHetrick doraHetrick 5 years
Of course, this law was written by a man. When schools need help ( funding and encouragement) what does a man think about? Sex. (As in sex education) When women need health care what do the men think about? Sex. (birth control and abortion). When men make up new religions what do they write about? Sex. Just read some of the religious books that various religions use for guides. I'm not against sex, and, yes, the kids should be taught about it. The men who only think and write about it must feel guilt. They're ashamed to let their children know about it.
AmandaLowe70702 AmandaLowe70702 5 years
If thats the case then I think the schools need to rethink their "D.A.R.E." Program of which in Virginia is taught to 5th and 6th graders...some kids know nothing of drugs and DARE teaches them about drugs, others arent really sure what they are and DARE teaches students about needles and how people smoke certain drugs like crack and meth ive NEVER believed in this dare program, I never took it since I moved counties at 5th and 6th grade and I have no idea what drugs were until I was 14 years old and have never felt the need to do drugs. So if this is going to happen with sex i think it should happen with drugs as well!
DianaGarza44712 DianaGarza44712 5 years
just cuz kids are bombarded with sex in the media does not mean schools need to teach them how to do it. ridiculous! some kids want to kill and have killed but i don't see them handing out guns at schools.
DianaGarza44712 DianaGarza44712 5 years
i have talked to my children about sex and will continue as they grow to different stages but for a school to teach on foreplay is crossing the boundaries.
RoseKing69870 RoseKing69870 5 years
the more knowledge that children have about sex, drugs, alcohol, smoking tobacco. the better that they are not to do it. I teach my children both boy and girl about this stuff from a early age, and always when I have a chance to bring it up I will. Children do not learn if someone does not teach them, they will walk around with a blind fold on to these matters. IT STARTS WITH THE PARENTS teaching them everything they need to know that way when they are around a sittuation they will no how to handle themselves. The schools should teach the basic in sex education but it should be the PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!
CoMMember13627252608429 CoMMember13627252608429 5 years
you think a law will stop thses kids from being sexually active! he either has a daughter or doesnt have kids!
LisaVarboncoeur LisaVarboncoeur 5 years
It's stupid. The more ignorant you keep children, the more likely they are to get into trouble. I have had a number of quite open conversations with my 12-year-old about sex, drugs, having a period, etc. Yes, it can be awkward, yes she gets grossed out, but I'd rather know she can come and talk to me about anything than have her so scared of me that she would do something dumb like not know what sex is, get herself knocked up, and go through the trauma of hiding it or have an abortion. Ignorance teaches ignorance and does not further society.
SchylaCrown SchylaCrown 5 years
I'm sorry children need to be taught respect, for themselfs, for their parents,their teachers,and for others, Start with respcet then teach them that sex is not a causual thing it's not something your children should be doing it's an adult choice and should be taught as such teach your children to respect you and they will respect themselfs and their peers and if you say no teenage love making then they will have the respect that is needed to follow that. Teenage pregnancy is on the rise because parents are failing to teach their children about respect of all things.
JessicaKozel JessicaKozel 5 years
society just never learns....the more you try to hide something or take it away from kids, the more they will be curious about it and the more likely they are to indulge in the activity or object that is forbidden to discuss or indulge in. Tell kids you can't talk about kissing cause it leads to sex you're gonna see a whole lot more kids sticking their tongues down each other's throats, cause its 'not allowed'. Good move there....prepare to see the rates of teen pregnancies rise.
StephanieHayden30068 StephanieHayden30068 5 years
this is BS!
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