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Law Created to Prevent Kids from Having Sex Raises Eyebrows

Law Created to Prevent Kids from Having Sex Raises Eyebrows

Teachers in the state of Tennessee who teach sex education may have to muzzle the discussion of foreplay, including not only talk of oral sex, but of hand-holding and kissing.

In the effort to promote abstinence, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed into law a "sexual gateway" bill that forbids classroom discussion of any physical contact that can lead to sexual intercourse.

Supporters of the legislation say that kids can't stop themselves once they cross a certain threshold, and so it's foolish to teach them about sexually stimulating activities that can lead to intercourse. Critics think the opposite it true — that kids are more likely to behave safely and responsibly when they are well-informed.


Read the whole story (ABC News)

Which is more likely to be true for your kids?

Image Source: ABC News

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