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Layla Grayce Giveaway

Win $150 to Layla Grayce

With Spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to refresh your family's home and wardrobe to usher in the new season. To help, we've partnered with Layla Grayce to give two lucky moms a $150 Layla Grayce gift card!

Layla Grayce is an inspiring shopper's delight conceived by Wendy Rossiter Estes and Tiffany Grayce Harris. Together, they have selected a remarkable collection of beautiful items for home, women, and children, carefully selecting every product, artisan, and manufacturer. 

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below telling us how you plan to get ready for Spring!

Please note: You must enter before Mar. 3, 2013 at 11:59pm PST to be eligible. Check out the full list of rules here for more details.


For more inspiring lifestyle ideas, visit Layla Grayce's Pinterest page.

Source: Layla Grayce
Laura8099291 Laura8099291 4 years
Wow! Can't believe I won! Thank you !! Will be nice to get something new for our upcoming move. A lot of stuff wont be coming with us because it's too far. :)
DeniseRobinson499 DeniseRobinson499 4 years
My daughter would so love some new spring clothes! She just cleaned her closet and drawers so she could donate to local thrift store for abused women!! I am so proud of her!!
Crystal8101403 Crystal8101403 4 years
My 21 month old son and I have already started spring cleaning! And in addition to the cleaning we hope to demolish a wall and lay new floor too!
Lauren8101107 Lauren8101107 4 years
Staring the spring clean today! doing a room a day and binning anything not useful and my little one is helping :)
DanaCaswell DanaCaswell 4 years
Spring is a time for new beginnings- Ii can't wait to plant a garden with my children, for my children to just run and breathe in the fresh air! We are getting ready for spring by talking about what we will plant in our garden and of course spring cleaning!
Dumaurier13 Dumaurier13 4 years
I'm starting my Spring cleaning this week, I love starting spring off with an uncluttered house! Thanks
Misty8099827 Misty8099827 4 years
For my Beautiful Sweet kiddos:0)
caligirl101 caligirl101 4 years
Starting by decorating for Easter!
Beth8099620 Beth8099620 4 years
We're working on a new Spring wardrobe for our sweet daughter, and plan to paint her room...purple is the color she is requesting! We would love to find some cute Layla Grayce stuff for both! :)
SharleneStrickland SharleneStrickland 4 years
Moving into our new home, then waiting for our bundle of blue to arrive!
Susie8099520 Susie8099520 4 years
Starting to plan a Spring baby shower for my daughter who is having a baby girl in May!
LeeahBergman LeeahBergman 4 years
I will be purging closets...then needing to buy some new clothes for the kids because they've outgrown them.
Nicole8099423 Nicole8099423 4 years
Oh you know I got some fast growing kids that need spring clothes, and most likely nothing from last year fits either of them
joannaharoon joannaharoon 4 years
We already started spring cleaning ;)))
Stephanie8099323 Stephanie8099323 4 years
Would LOVE to win!!!!! Pick ME!! :)))))
Seanya8099318 Seanya8099318 4 years
We've already began to spring clean so that by the time spring actually comes we can paint and hang pictures and bird feeders
christinaJones91703 christinaJones91703 4 years
Do alot of spring clean, getting rid of clothes that don't fit and donate them to gcf. ALso get organize
MandyRader MandyRader 4 years
LOTS of spring cleaning!! Along with purging, & trying to minimize everything to make some room in our tiny apartment. At the top of my list would be to baby-proof the house, & going through the oldests room & sorting/removing all her small choking hazard toys, as the babes is almost 6 months old now, so by spring she will be motoring all around :)
Laura8099291 Laura8099291 4 years
getting ready to move my baby girl (almost 2) into her very own room and get her a big girl bed. Lots of work to do getting it ready!
EricaLeonard72363 EricaLeonard72363 4 years
Getting a dumpster, clearing out and organizing. Can't wait for the warm weather and no snow!!
cassaundraquiles cassaundraquiles 4 years
We are saving money so we can go on a spring break road trip!!!
Roberta8099273 Roberta8099273 4 years
Spring cleaning, painting & getting organized. Lots to do around here!
Megan8099263 Megan8099263 4 years
Hopefully getting a new place and need to redecorate mine and my daughters rooms
Danielle8099259 Danielle8099259 4 years
We are doing some spring cleaning and clearing out and getting ready for our girls birthdays!!
KellySmith97430 KellySmith97430 4 years
Decorating the nursery for our second daughter and enjoying the beautiful spring weather with our other daughter.
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