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Leading Lady Nursing Bra Review

OnSugar Blog: Lace-Cup Wirefree Nursing Bra Review

Lots of moms like to think out loud, and CWTMommy is one of them. She is on a mission to find the best nursing bra on the market. Here's one of her latest reviews from her My Experiment With Nursing Bras blog.

So I went to the mall Friday afternoon to JC Penny. After looking online at the Leading Lady nursing bra products, I knew which one I wanted to try first. On the website, the Lace-Cup Wirefree Nursing Bra was listed as being sold at JC Penny.  So I called up the store and made sure they had my size before going all that way. So I went and bought it and brought it home for its test run.

First of all, this thing is cute. It has a nude background with an all over black lace overlay; talk about feeling feminine!


So this particular style is a wire free cup with the clasps on the straps. It took a couple tries to get the hang of unclasping one handed, but it became easy and automatic. (I hate those bras where it's like a Rubix cube to get the clasp done and undone, requiring both hands, and not something you can discreetly do in public if you need to.) Therefore, the ease of access was a 9/10.

Comfort was an 8/10 for me on this one. I was able to wear it during the day no problem. However, I found that it was a little tough to sleep in this. The lace on the front side of the cup and below on the band was just a little bit scratchy and rubbed me as I tossed and turned. I made it through the night, but I probably will be wearing something a little more minimalistic next time.

On a side note, I noticed something interesting with this bra compared to some others I had used during nursing. My baby seemed a lot more distracted with this lace one and kept trying to pull at it and play with it. It did not seem to affect the actual nursing, thankfully, but he was a little bit more active while latched.

Overall, this bra was pretty nice. Both my husband and I love this sexy lace look (and it made me feel like a WOMAN) and it seems to be a perfect bra to wear during the day. Also, the ease (after practice) of clasping and unclasping made it ideal for discreet public nursing. I'm definitely going to be using this again after this!

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Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 5 years
That is sexy! Also look like it has a little padding. This was 5-6 years ago, but the ones I got from target had barely any padding- which for modesty reasons was not something I loved! How cute that baby likes the lace.
inlvwitu inlvwitu 5 years
nice! at least one mommy is doing something about it! i'm definitely gonna follow this and see where she ends up.
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