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Leashes for Kids — Not Such a Bad Idea After All?

Leashes for Kids — Not Such a Bad Idea After All?

Parenthood changes you, that's for sure.

Shine blogger Christene was once scornful of parents who leashed their kids when out and about. But she now says that the idea of tethering her toddler is "looking pretty good."

What prompted the change of heart? Her second baby is due any day now, and she's nervous about running errands with two small kids in tow, "a mere fifteen and a half months apart in age."

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Would you leash your child? Under what circumstances?

Image Source: Via Shine

AngelGarrett12266 AngelGarrett12266 5 years
As a disabled parent, of a now grown son, I will NEVER EVER regret, purchasing a harness for him. At the time I was walking with crutches and holding his hand was impossible, and having him hold the crutch, unrealistic, for my then, 13 month old hearing impaired son. The night after I purchased it we were in a grocery store and a man took my son's hand and started to walk off with him, never seeing the tail of the tether sticking out from under the back of his jacket. It saved my son from being abducted. It also allowed him to have the freedom to explore the world, sign, and know that I wanted his attention, even though he couldn't hear me, and gave him the security to move into the world on his own knowing that I was there at the other end of that tether. My response to anyone who gave me nastiness was simple. "If it was an oxygen mask connected to a tank would you feel the same way?" Even when he could finally hear, and he was old enough to think, when we went to amusement parks, etc. we kept up with the same principal. Because he could easily out walk me, and get separated, and if I fell I was the one who would need help. We have never regretted it. Long before most kids can be trusted to go off on their own I knew he was safe to do so, because he respected that bond.
CharlotteNaylor CharlotteNaylor 6 years
I bought a set of reigns for my 2 year old as soon as she got fully mobile. I'd rather she was on the end of a bit of fabric and having a bit of freedom while still being within reach, than running far away and getting hurt or risking being taken.
CoMMember13630955657843 CoMMember13630955657843 6 years
ok so i was compleatly aginst the whole leash thing. i looked at parents who used at them in weird ways thinkin they are kids not dogs.... but.... then my 3 year old stopped listening to me and then my 2 year old started following him... so i decided to give it a try... and amazingly it works wonders... two times of being in it he started to listen a little then after four times my son started to listen compleatly... so i took the leash off and amazingly both kids stayed with me and my mother in law by the cart... i still use it sometimes but... not all the time anymore... its a amazing thing even though they look mean...
CoMMember13613837237915 CoMMember13613837237915 6 years
I have one for my daughter and she just loves it, she picked it out and when we are going out she gets it off her hook and puts it on. My cousins kid is very out going you can say for a 5yr old, doesnt listen to a word half the time. I find that they are safer then having the child run into the street. Ive seen the looks and the words how could you, ive seen some people week later with there kids in one too. I tell new moms all the time that its worth the money in a year....
I borrowed one from my friends when my 3 yr old got off one ride at dorney park and I put him in the stroller then I turn around and he isn't in it. It was the worse 15 minutes of my life when I couldn't find him.( he just got on a ride with STRANGERS) had to call security and report him lost. so the next time we went he was in a leash it actually looks like a backpack.
vdburg vdburg 6 years
What exactly is the difference between strapping your child into a stroller for their own safety and strapping them to you on the other end of a cord for the same reason? It still allows them some degree of independence, which they don't get from the stroller, and teaches them to stay within a safe distance from us. The only reason people have problems with safety leashes is because it makes them think you see your child as a pet. But let's face it--in some ways, keeping a child safe is similar to keeping a pet safe. Should we also not use safety gates and cribs because they're too much like a kennel?
CoMMember1362972148399 CoMMember1362972148399 6 years
My daughter would always run off, she had no fear. It only takes one time of losing your toddler in a big place like Disneyland to put them on a leash. Her two younger brothers never took off, didnt have to leash them.
ellenwaldren ellenwaldren 6 years
Never seen anyone get in trouble for leashing their child lol
ahmed94250 ahmed94250 6 years
mam to mam in alexandarya egypt
LisaLeblanc39806 LisaLeblanc39806 6 years
my daughter took her time learning how to crawl nearly 11 months, then 14 months she was running full speed, making up for any lost time. I also had a 3 yr old she was so dangerous that I used my friends monkey child teather and I never looked back. She never wanted to hold my hand never listened and didn't have any fear at all. I always said I'd never be the mom whos puts their kid on a leash but now I just don't judge and do what I have to.
MoniqueDDunlap MoniqueDDunlap 6 years
We call it a walking harness, not a leash. My son used it well and we all think its much better than two parents running through the store looking for a child less than 3 feet tall.
JessicaSiebels JessicaSiebels 6 years
I don't remember ever getting a negative comment from anyone. Most of the time people tell my son how much they love his "monkey" and ask me where they can get one. It is so much safer for my non-verbal, very definent 3 1/2 yo.
CarlenePatterson CarlenePatterson 6 years
I too scorned it, my boys are 2 and six months..... When my 2 yr old took off on me in a large toys are us I bought one right away! It's the only way I could keep my 'runner'. I now have a two double stroller which is a jem!!!
NancySasser NancySasser 6 years
we love the backpack harness. Both kids love their "puppy" - we got it when our son was about 2 1/2 -- he picked it out and it was more like his friend. now our daughter uses it on occasions where we need to keep her close, but she doesn't want to hold our hand the whole time. It's the perfect solution. It gives them the freedom they want, while allowing us the control we NEED for their safety!
marianaboyd marianaboyd 6 years
the parents with the judgements are the ones who let their little brats run all over the place. No offense I have a kid myself but my god the number of times I wish that certain parents who came into my workplace would put one of those things on their kids! And then their kids get lost and are screaming and the parents are tearing their hair out thinking they were abducted. Argh... who gives a crap what anyone else thinks its your child. Everyone is so opinionated these days. They have a few kids and think their opinion is the Bible. Shut up. Thats all I can say.
LeahWright88687 LeahWright88687 6 years
Got a leash for my son when he was 17 months old. I didn't want to have to push him around in the stroller anymore because all he wanted to do is walk! For me, it's a safety issue. If I get distracted for even a second by my 4 year old, he could take off! He still has the freedom to walk and explore (to an extent) but he's doing it safely and it gives me piece of mind! Of course, like anyone else, before I had a crazy, energetic toddler, I though leashes were degrading to kids as well. But that's I don't care what anyone thinks, it's whats best for MY children and I love it!
TheresaBauer TheresaBauer 6 years
Yes I use one but we don't call it a leash. It's our "safety buddy" backpack and our daughter just LOVES it.
Kim41800 Kim41800 6 years
I had my kids less than 2 years apart. Pre-kids? I thought people who leashed a child were sadists. Once I tried shopping with 2 young walkers/explorers? And had to close down a store with a Code Adam because my daughter liked to run & hide? Or spent many times at the grocery store leaving my cart/food/purse behind running down an aisle with my son under my arm screaming my daughters name? I bought the dog backpack leash and regained a little sanity. I refuse to allow other peoples' judgements from keeping me from keeping my kids safer.
FaithCassidy FaithCassidy 6 years
Every child is different and has different needs. My second child was the ultimate "Houdini." She could disappear in the blink of an eye! She was a climber and explorer. She figured out how to unbuckle every safety restraint I tried by the time she was 2. I used a safety harness and cord for all outings. With the buckle in the back, she couldn't undo it, and I could give her some space from me so she could feel independent. I haven't felt the need to use the harness and safety cord with any of my other children because their personalities were less adventurous.
AlexandraGarrett AlexandraGarrett 6 years
My son is three, and he knows very well how to behave in public. He will stay with me and he knows not to touch certain things. I also will use a kiddie harness or "leash." He is adventurous and while he listens it is not always the best thing for his hand to constantly be in mine. In a crowded public place a harness can be so very useful, and help keep your child safe. My son actually enjoys wearing it. And I'll ask him if he wants to put it on first. It's a piece of mind just knowing that you always know where they are even if you HAVE to look away for a second. I still pay a great deal of attention to where he is and what he is doing and my guard is never let down, but you can't always have your eyes on your child.
LeannedAndilly LeannedAndilly 6 years
I have just returned from a holiday visiting theme Parks with my 3 grandsons aged 5 and twin 2 year olds. I bought retraints for the Twins before we went and they were the best thing i packed. Twins don't always want to go in the same direction and knowing they couldn't go more than a Metre with out an adult was very comforting. I used a restraint with my 3rd child as she was a runner and i had a 3 and 7 year old aswell. Even though i got stares and snide remarks, i knew that i was doing the right thing to keep my Child safe. My Daughter in law now totally agrees with me that prevention is the best thing when dealing little ones that don't understand the dangers of running off.
RhionnaHerbert RhionnaHerbert 6 years
My eldest 2 children are 15months apart and I have used a wrist link since. My mum used reins on us as kids- I'd rather be safe than sorry, when it is so easily prevented!
TeresaLink TeresaLink 6 years
I have a 3 year old with ADHD and it is not a matter of teaching him how to behave in public as others have counseled. He is impulsive and for his own good, he needs to be tethered. He would run into the street before I could do anything about it.
JustineSmith39825 JustineSmith39825 6 years
it's just amazing that what is basically a safety tool can cause so much controversy - people really need to just get over it and respect other parents' approaches to safety for their children - the child is in not way harmed or 'degraded' (hello, they are toddlers, they still have their bottoms wiped by other people and are prone to throwing complete meltdowns in supermarkets???) - no physical or psychological damage is done to the child so it just becomes a personal parenting decision - people should not be made to feel that they have to justify their decision (for the record, I didn't use them, but have full respect for thsoe who did - I happen to live somewhere where we rarely walk in crowded places or on roads - if we did I would definitely have used them for my toddler twins, no questions)
jenniferking72343 jenniferking72343 6 years
I have a bear one for my daughter my mum had leather ones for me and my brother when we were little 20 odd years ago so it's not like there a new invention and they where never called a leash they are reins
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