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When my daughter was just a wiry wee thing, I laid her on the bed next to me while I put my sneakers on. In a second's time, she plopped on the floor screaming her scared lil head off. In a panic, I phoned the pediatrician fearful I had harmed my sweetheart. Having heard this story a hundred times before, she calmed my nerves and cautioned me to look for certain problematic signs. Thankfully my girl was unharmed.

Having learned my lesson with my firstborn, I was sure I would not make the mistake again. Then, the other day my precious son took a spill off of his big sister's bed. As I put pigtails in her hair, he tumbled right off the bed with a heavy thud. After two terrifying experiences, I know now not to leave a mobile baby unattended on the bed.

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mstrauss mstrauss 8 years
Oh man, you are certainly not the first mom to let their child fall of the bed by accident! It is just a lesson that if you ever do bring your children in bed with you, don't fall asleep or even turn away for a second.
Rally-RE Rally-RE 8 years
i'm one of those babies that was on the bed one minute and on the floor the next. and, i'm okay .... {{{ eyes rolling in different directions, head flops front and back, etc}}} :)
meandtheo meandtheo 8 years
i too am happy your kiddos were fine...this happen to me too. when my daughter was just five months old i did exactly what the warnings say not to do and i sat my daughter in her bumbo on top of a table while i folded laundry right next to her. she was playing with two older kids who quickly lost interest and put her toy down next to her and left. in her attempt to grab the toy she fell out of the bumbo and onto the floor, i was only an arms lengths away but i could not grab her in time. it terrified me and left me shaking and in tears...she was fine but i NEVER sat her on a table again!
Moms Moms 8 years
Glad your son was okay! My mom always tells the story of bringing my sister home from the hospital and putting her down on the bed for a second and then sitting down next to her. My mom was tiny, but the action sent my sister flying off. Crazy things just happen.
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