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Lego Introduces Female Scientist Minifigure

Lego Introduces Female Scientist Figure

Lego's latest minifigure is being hailed as a positive step in breaking down misconceptions in gender roles. In the past, the toy maker has been criticized for marketing almost exclusively to boys and for predominantly pink and purple products designed for girls. But the new female scientist figure, Professor C. Bodin, is wearing a white lab uniform and glasses and has her hands on two Erlenmeyer flasks. "Let us hope this is only the beginning," Maia Weinstock, a science editor and writer, wrote in her blog post for What additional female minifigures would you like Lego to create?

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Dionne30063 Dionne30063 3 years
whats wrong with sticking lady heads on the other lego figures? XD their heads come off just switch them around why does there have to be a specific female scientist... thought that was part of the point of legos was to swap and change them.
AngelaOldroyd AngelaOldroyd 3 years
Overall, positive, but it would have been nice to avoid the stereotype even more and ditch the glasses (I speak as an ex-scientist glasses-wearer).
NicoleMaxeyJacques NicoleMaxeyJacques 3 years
Jennifer, she is a collectible mini fig from series 11, the one currently out now in the green packaging. My son just had a Lego-themed birthday party and we found her to give to one of the little girls who came to the party as a party favor. (The other little girls got a grandma and a roller skating diner waitress.)
AntoinetteDombroski AntoinetteDombroski 3 years
I would love for hot wheels or matchbox to come out with some pink cars.
JenniferMcGladrey85771 JenniferMcGladrey85771 3 years
This article is missing some crucial info for lego geeks like me - what set does she come in, or is she a collectible mini fig? I love her!
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