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I've never bought into the whole concept that candy makes kids hyperactive so I've never denied my children sweets when it came to holiday festivities. But, now there's reason for the moms who do attribute their tykes' energetic behavior to treats to relax. This Christmas, let your lil one have a candy cane. Guess what myth topped the list of holiday myths? To find out,


On the subject of sugar making kids hyperactive, one report said:

The researchers cite 12 controlled studies that couldn’t detect any differences in behavior between children who had sugar and those who did not. Even when kids had a diagnosis of hyperactivity problems or were said to be more sensitive to sugar, they did not behave differently whether they ate sugar-laden or sugar-free diets. In fact, the biggest effect of sugar may be on parents. Parents rate their children as being more hyperactive if they are told the child has consumed sugar — even when the child hasn’t really had any sweets.

Slice of the Yule log, sweetie?


ellipsery ellipsery 8 years
THANK YOU!!! There is no such thing as a sugar high, and it drives me nuts that people think there is! And people who say "hyper" instead of "hyperactive," but that's another story... Sugar actually relaxes your muscles, and that's why it's good for getting rid of the hiccups. A spoonful of sugar or a piece of candy will relax the diaphragm.
Greggie Greggie 8 years
Actually I never make my kids clear their plate anyway. *lol*
Greggie Greggie 8 years
I disagree that there's no such thing as a sugar high, however I've never denied my kids sweets on holidays and at parties. I don't make them clear their plate, I don't make them try their vegetables, etc. Holidays are pretty much a day free from food rules.
MissSushi MissSushi 8 years
we dont/wont keep these from our kid/s. Ive never experienced keeping sweets totally away from kids do anything but backfire anyway. All of my friends like that traded their food for crap and spent every dime they had on candy. Id rather stick two oreos in their lunch then risk them trading ham and cheese for a candy bar.
LadyLiLa83 LadyLiLa83 8 years
I concur! Thanks Lil! I'm going to have my husband read this!!
kikidawn kikidawn 8 years
This is very true. I learned about this in my Nutrition class. There is no such thing as a "sugar high". The hyperactivity that parents see is actually attributed to other things. Hyper after a birthday party where they had cake and ice cream? Yeah it's the *situation* not the cake and ice cream. Kids have fun and are excited about the party so they will be more hyper when they come home (or completely worn out lol). The hyperactivity could also be from caffeine found in pop or chocolate. My nephews get really hyperactive when my dad brings home donuts on sat mornings when they stay. Why... There is no caffeine in donuts (that I know of lol) Well it's bc: - we (the adults) get excited and make a big deal out of it. - donuts are a special treat so they get excited - it's sort of a ritual when they stay and they don't get to stay that often :( so of course they get excited - is a special treat! Yeah I kind of had a soap box thing going on ... Sorry :oops: it's just when I explain this most people don't believe me. My own dad didn't lol.
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