Just because your lil one has misbehaved, it doesn't mean she should be banished to the basement. We know you wouldn't really do that. Instead, send her to her naughty place, just like the Supernanny suggests. But, why not make her naughty place a cute one?

Levels of Discovery makes the cutest darn rockers ($60–$160) for the most mischievous lil devils. Each chair has a timer that goes up to 15 minutes as well as the saying, "Time out to think about the things you do, but always remember I love you!" scribed on the chair. It makes mommy guilt so much easier to swallow. Besides, if they don't learn from you, how will they ever learn?

And, beyond the "Time-Out" rockers, the chairs come in a variety of themes — an airplane rocker, a ballerina rocker, a reading rocker with an attached book rack, and others. They can also be customized with your child's name and a special message. Your tot will probably look forward to time alone in her pretty chair. The rockers are available at Target and Babies "R" Us.