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Life After Baby: Invincible Me?

Life After Baby: Invincible Me?

My life used to be organized, washed, dried, ironed and neatly folded. I thought I knew what I wanted in life, what I desired. My nails were almost always painted, my hair usually silky smooth with the flick of a hair straightener, my clothes free of sticky substances and my cups of tea always fresh. (Warning: adult language follows.)

This morning, as I was about to sip my third time reheated cup of tea, I had to stop and sigh... Heids, maybe you could make a fresh one? The thought startled me. What have I become?

My life is such a contrast to everything I knew before I had a baby. My vagina used to be well kept and now it resembles something of an overgrown forest. Which might be a good thing, seeing as how my husband thinks sex is better now than it ever has been! Whoo! Winning in the bedroom. But seriously, a little lady-scaping love down there wouldn't hurt. Not to mention the hair on my head. I can't remember the last time I went to the hairdressers. I tell people I am going 'el natural' and if that doesn't satisfy I say I am sporting a balayage... The only time my re-growth has ever worked for me.


The other day my husband picked me up for an afternoon coffee. I had made the effort to look 'cute:' hair in a braid ('cause I didn't have time to 'do' it), makeup on, a casual dress — yeah I looked pretty good! Of course none of that gets noticed when I am holding the most adorable six-month-old baby girl, who beams at him when he comes into view. I merely nod my head, "Hi Babe"... After we pack ourselves into the car he jumps in, turns to me and says (I can feel the love and affection coming, he is going to notice the effort and tell me I look beautiful), "You have a booger in your nose." Totally cool, let me just fix that... I didn't need a compliment anyhow, cause I am invincible — did you see the size of that thing I pushed out of my tiny little vagina just six months ago? 

Life is a little less black and white and a little more relative these days. The term 'dirty' is a fabulous example — my bra is often sporting a film of stale-smelling breast milk. Yet I keep on wearing it until it is too far gone because I only have two bras I can wear at the moment and the washing doesn't always make the to-do list.


Having said (in a slightly over-sharing kind of way) all that, I wouldn't trade if for anything. Yeah, so what if my reality consists of me walking around in a regurgitated milk haze, spots and stains on my clothes, probably a little vomit in my hair, drool who-knows-where, and let’s not discount the possibility of there being a little poop in the mix? Having a baby definitely puts a spin on life as you know it, bringing a perspective that somehow makes you a little wiser, less pretentious and soft around the edges.

So while I keep losing my dignity, life keeps getting sweeter. My baby has brought so much joy to Chad and I, I don’t know where to put it all. Christmas had a new aura of excitement and thrill now that we have a special little girl to share it with. And as for the new year, well I just hope it doesn’t go too fast, cause I want to relish every moment. I am the happiest I have ever been despite the drastic shift motherhood has brought.

P.S. I managed to actually paint my toenails this morning while bub was having a nap — a festive red. It is all about celebrating the wins, no matter how big or small!

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Jennifer61112 Jennifer61112 4 years
I have a daughter who is six now, but I still remember the early days. I don't know if it's because she was an "easy baby" or what, but I don't recall ever being un-groomed, covered in vomit and poop and with food in my hair. I still managed to brush my teeth and shower daily with no problem. If my kid spit up on me, I changed out of it as soon as I could. I wore the hell out of yoga pants during that time, but I always tried to look clean and put together, even if I was just wearing yoga pants, a cute shirt and a bun. I just hate this idea that motherhood is supposed to equal complete loss of self. I think it's important that my daughter grows up to realize that her parents are people with lives and interests too, just like her. I deserve a shower and my own damn plate of food and a time to sit and eat without her crawling all over me and sticking her hands in my face. I'm her mom, not her slave. Ive given up things when I became a mom of course, but basic hygiene isnt one of them. I'm married and my husband and I both work full time. We worked opposite shifts, so my daughter was never in daycare. I worked night shift, so I understand what it's like to be tired. Instill managed to take a shower though.
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