Moms aren't the only ones who like to think out loud. Plenty of dads do too! The following post is the first entry on Paulblanchard's new OnSugar blog, Being 'Daddy'.

I decided I would start this blog to share some of my experiences with others who may face the same challenges as I. Being a single father is no bowl of cherries. Especially when you have a tweenage daughter.

Believe me when I say "there is a lot of back-story!" to me, who I am, and what brought me to this place in my life. For now, I am going to keep this simple. I was an absentee father for many years, and only by the grace of God did I 1) realize I could change and, 2) realize there was a need for the change. Not only for me but for my children.


Today I am proud to be called Daddy, and what's better . . . my kids are proud to call me Daddy.

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