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No Balls. No Dirt. What It Really Means to Play Like a Boy

Earlier this Summer, a powerful ad asked women what it means to do certain things "like a girl." Though the initial responses were a bit insulting (worrying about hair while running, for example), the girls eventually tossed the stereotypes away and began performing as the strong people they are. But little ladies aren't the only ones breaking boundaries when it comes to playtime. On her blog Mommy Shorts, Ilana Wiles gathered photos of readers' sons playing "like a boy." But they weren't getting down and dirty or tossing around a football. Rather, they were donning pink dresses, feeding baby dolls, and vacuuming in plastic heels.

"When boys partake in so called, 'girl activities,' it shouldn't be looked upon negatively either," she writes. "It's important to praise boys for being sensitive and nurturing, just like we praise girls for being strong."

To see more #LikeaBoy photos, read the full story on Huffington Post.

Source: Flickr user sean dreilinger

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JasmineAngel12205 JasmineAngel12205 3 years

I'm shocked by the amount of negative comments on this article. People, nobody is forcing their sons to wear dresses and play with baby dolls. These are things that the children want to do because they are role-playing and imitating the different things they see around him. It is completely normal and has no effect on their future sexual preferences. I have a nephew who was allowed to play with dolls, play with makeup, brush hair, and I did his nails once. Now he is a perfectly normal twelve year old boy with no gender identity issues. He's no longer interested in playing with dolls or putting makeup on, but there was nothing wrong with him when he did. Personally, I have a two year old son now and he will be wearing and playing with whatever makes him happy, so long as it is safe. Whatever his future sexuality and gender identity happen to be will be because he chose it, so the only thing stifling his expression would do is make him miserable. Remember that gender roles were man-made, people.

BClark8105 BClark8105 3 years

It was to their shame..but also to the shame of their parents for NOT teaching them to be self-sufficient in such ways.

When it came to chores around my home..ALL of us did them, one week my brothers did laundry(bathroom)/dusting and my sister and I had kitchen(dishes)/vacuum..then the next week we switched..and back and forth so we all knew up a child..

I did the same w/ my own kids..they have all learned all aspects of housekeeping, bill paying, grocery shopping---

kjforce kjforce 3 years

That's really sad that they never addressed and took charge of the issue..
shame on them...thanks for the share,.
have a great day.

kjforce kjforce 3 years

I agree men need to take more responsibility for their own man OR woman should cow-tow to each other, I always thought a relationship was give and take not ..give, give, take, take, whatever happened to respect and courtesy towards each other ? As far as women tossing footballs...what about the boys without fathers ( divorce, death or just plain disinterest with children )..I was in a demanding career as was Husband, ( he traveled internationally a lot ) who do you think handled the " dad " role..? me ! Sometimes we have little choice in this matter.

BClark8105 BClark8105 3 years

Yep, I know many a men who were never taught those things growing up--mom and sisters always took care of the household tasks of cooking and cleaning--and as adult men didn't know how to pick up after themselves or clean up after themselves..

I know two men (brothers)..who went through divorces and moved back in with their parents..not because they couldn't afford to live on their own..they didn't know how. As grown men living at home..their momma did everything for them.made their beds, cooked their meals, made them breakfast and packed their lunches, had coffee on for them when they got up..did their laundry..when they did move out..they moved in to together and they still took their laundry over to their momma to do for them, and would stop by on their way to work to get coffee and hope momma had their lunches packed for them..within a week of the last one getting remarried their parents moved brother and his wife moved away, and her parents refused to cow-tow to him..they both eventually divorced again and moved near their parents..after their daddy died..their momma's backbone came out..and she started telling them.."your a grown A$$ man, time for you to do those things for yourself."

kjforce kjforce 3 years

Pink dress matching high heels ? WHAT women doesn't wear that to clean her house, have you no fashion sense ?..and hopefully full make-up....REALLY ?..( yes I'm joking)
Looking at the picture, if a boy were to do this act on his own, I could understand, perhaps he is only imitating an adult, he has seen. However if Mother has initiated this issue, the boy doesn't have a problem the mother does. I am not convinced clothes make that much of a difference in how one thinks, but I am a firm believer that boys, just like girls should know how to cook, clean, do laundry and be taught organization skills dealing with household duties. Not just because it would be beneficial to a future spouse, but for their own welfare. I thought this was 2014, and " genderness stigma" was behind us...
Both genders need to learn to be self sufficient and take responsibility for their actions, words and choices. Note children will pick up on your responses to ALL their actions,,,so be careful of your reactions to their actions....just a thought

jeff1376266399 jeff1376266399 3 years

The men in this country are already some of the most immense pussies i've ever witnessed....The amount of "yes ma'am men" here are appalling as it is. They will literally do anything a woman says, and then say "thank you" after being used as a welcome mat. They need to start thinking with the head up north rather than the one down south. We certainly don't need men in dresses and heels feeding their child, jeans and a shirt is sufficient. Women don't need to be throwing around footballs either.

jeff1376266399 jeff1376266399 3 years

Good, glad to hear it, then that means you're not going to praise your daughter for wanting to throw a football either.

vickiec51 vickiec51 3 years

yuk......we need strong people...both boys and girls....emotionally strong...their purpose and jobs both require strength....inner strength has to do with the jobs they do normally. being a man...a MAN ...AGAIN...means working and supporting his family...consistantly and being a mother means staying home and taking care of children 24/7//// each requires strength...inner strength....this bizness of trying to switch the desires of boys and girls is sick and twisted ...trying to assuage the homosexual/lesbian community into thinking that its normal to be that way....and then to work on little girls and boys to make them that way...if you were born that way then you wouldnt be trying to make them that way....we dont understand totally what is going on....but dont try to make people what they arent...

BClark8105 BClark8105 3 years

While teaching a son HOW to clean a house and how to cook, and how to feed a newborn are important tasks for him to know (I fully expect him to move out one day and have need to know how to wash his own laundry and pick up after himself, and cook for himself), MY SON WOULDN'T be doing so in dresses and heels..just as I DON'T

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