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This post was submitted by CurleyQ in The Pregnancy Posse group.

I'm planning on having my baby shower in June in Florida where I grew up. I asked my sister who lives there to help host it. Unfortunately things have gone down hill in her own life and I don't want to bring the subject up of my baby shower. I don't want to seem selfish about it because she's going through a lot right now and is broke.  I still want to have the baby shower there and my Mom and my other sister (who is from out of state but traveling to Florida in June for it) will be able to help. Should I hint to my "troubled" sister that I would still like her help in planning or should I just ask my Mom and other sister to plan? And should I have a hand in planning my own baby shower? I'm so torn and confused about what's "allowed."

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CurleyQ CurleyQ 7 years
I decided to talk to my "troubled" sister about the baby shower after I was able to tell her the sex of the baby. :) I shouldnt have had any apprehensions in asking her again because she was still gun ho for hosting it. I'm the one that all ways throws parties for everyone so it's difficult for me to not have a hand in mine. I just told my family i want a "circus theme" baby shower thats more chic than crazy. Because once I have my baby boy I'll feel like I live in a circus. :) I'm buying the invitations since I have all of the addresses and I'm sending them out. I showed them(my sisters and Mom) a cake I really liked and my talented cooking sister will make it. We are a very crafty family so if it can be made instead of bought, we'll do it. Other than that Im letting my sisters and Mom take care of it. And to comment #2....I think me asking them to personally give me presents is a bit silly. Im all ready doing that in inviting them. Right? :D Thanks for everyones comments.
xlove33 xlove33 7 years
It's okay to be involved in the planning of your own shower. You shouldn't do the bulk of it but if you have a food preference or theme preference, i think it's perfectly fine to say so. If you are someone who knows what they like and what they want, it's best to speak up instead of ending up disappointed. In my case, i am a designer and the hostesses of my shower can barely write their name legibly let alone print something from their computer in color, so i stepped in a did some design work for my own shower. But to me it was fun and i was happy to do it so that i'd have the outcome i and my guests would be happy with.
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