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Lil Find: Adiri Natural Nursers

Breast is best to a lot of moms, but so is the allure of having someone else do a feeding now and again.

A girlfriend of mine's lactation consultant recommended a bottle that is allowing her to do both — the Adiri Natural Nurser ($25, for a set of two). So I had to check it out, naturally.

This pricey lil bottle's nipple is designed to helped alleviate nipple confusion for breastfeeding babes by encouraging open-mouthed latching — and it does feel quite real in comparison to most bottles on the market. The vent system in the bottle’s twist-on cap lets air flow slowly into the bottle as the baby drinks, preventing the nipple from collapsing and minimizing gas or painful bubbles. Cleaning up is a snap and worrisome parents will be pleased as the Natural Nurser is 100-percent Bisphenol-A (aka BPA) free. While $12.50 for a bottle is quite steep, if money is no object then go for it!

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elaine elaine 8 years
even after using these, i still cant get my 10 month old off the boob.
meumitsuki meumitsuki 8 years
These bottles are the best.
techkim techkim 8 years
I got them for an expecting daycare parent. I used it on the child a couple times before the mom decide to get free childcare with a relative. It was hard to tell if it worked. It didn't leak it seemed very soft like a breast. The baby ate from it fine. I wonder if there is a place I can donate them?
Greggie Greggie 8 years
I found they leaked horribly, which was a huge problem when you're working like a dog to pump every drop.
katedavis katedavis 8 years
We used Adiris for my son and loved them. We started out using Avent and Dr. Browns but when the news stories started to come out about BPA I wanted to switch brands. I found Adiri online and I loved that the bottle simulates nursing (which I was at the time- he got bottles infrequently). The plastic of the bottle has a soft finish to it and it's nice and wide so it was easy for my son to hold it. The only annoying thing is that you have to fill it upside down (while the bottle is in it's "cover"). So, the measurements are upside down so you can tell how much you've put in, but when the bottle is right-side up you can't tell how much the baby has had (you have to turn it over and cover the hole so the milk doesn't spill out). I would love to use glass bottles for our next baby, but none of them replicate nursing like the Adiri does so we will definitely be using Adiris again.
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