Every class I took and every book I read to prepare for motherhood told me that swaddling my baby was a must. With so many blankets options out there, I couldn't decide. But my girlfriends said, "the Miracle Blanket really is a miracle!" over and over again. At $36 a blanket, I bought just one and packed it in my hospital bag. From the day she was born, my babe was swaddled like a burrito.

The blanket is like swaddling for dummies. It has a diagram to instruct you and there two wings stitched in to the fabric to hold baby's arms down while you put her legs in the pouch. Once baby is "pinned" in the wings and pouch, you wrap one piece of cloth over baby and then take the longer cloth and tightly wrap it around the baby before tucking the tail end of the long cloth up top. You can also watch a demonstration here.

This blanket kept my baby snug as a bug and snoozing through until feedings. I was given other blankets as gifts and tried to use them so they wouldn't go to waste, but they never worked as well.