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No amount of money can keep people from eventually having to do a task or two on their own. This proved true in Jakarta where wealthy and middle class families rely on servants to tend to their homes and children.

But, a recent Reuters article explained that when the household hands go on vacation, some families move into hotels unable to fend for themselves. It said:

About 20 small children, Indonesians and Westerners, escorted by their nannies, took part in a training session on Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton in Jakarta, where they were shown how to make a bed properly.

To see what happened,


While some of the children ages two to seven were enthused by the demonstration, others opted out of the lesson. It said:

"I don't want it. Murni does it," said one four-year-old, referring to her housecleaner.


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thegadgetlady thegadgetlady 9 years
While on one hand, I would love to be able to say I have someone who does my housecleaning for me. I also know that it is every homeowner's own responsibility to keep their house. That makes me very ugly that a four year old is that spoiled. On the other hand. I don't live in a "ritzy" area. I'm among the common, every day people who have to work hard for the things they have. But I tell you this. I appreciate my stuff and all the people around me. Even those who have a job that may be considered lower class than mine. I'm no better a person than the homeless man on the street, nor the millionaire who has a house for every season and one in between. And you know something? They are no better than me either. I know one thing. My son, although at 2.5 he is very spoiled, he will learn and he does know how to appreciate everything he has and everyone who loves him. I would never expect anyone to do something for me that I was not willing to do myself. I kind of rambled off topic, but I hope you get my point.
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