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Lil Loves of Our Lives: Celeb Baby Blog's Danielle Friedland

Lil Loves of Our Lives: Celeb Baby Blog's Danielle Friedland

When it comes to Tinseltown's tots, Danielle Friedland, founder of Celebrity Baby Blog is in the know. The blogger and her team keep close tabs on the stars and their offspring.

  • Who is the lil love of your life? Anya will be 29 months old on Valentine's Day.
  • Which came first, the baby or the blog?
    The Celebrity Baby Blog was my first baby.
  • What was the most shocking part of becoming a parent?
    How unrelenting it is. You are ALWAYS on duty. Even though Anya finally sleeps through the night (most of the time), I still wake up every few hours because it's wired in me to be alert.
  • If you could have one aspect of your pre-baby days back, but keep the kids, what would you choose? I think I miss sleep most of all.
  • To hear about the moment this mom fell in love with her daughter,


  • At what moment did you fall in love with your child?
    Once we established our nursing pattern, I fell in love with how in sync we became. I felt like we were completely attached because I had grown her in my body and now I was growing her out of my body.
  • Do you have Valentine’s Day plans?
    Ha! Absolutely not. We'll probably make some Valentinesy crafts with Anya and have lunch with her. Josh and I have no romantic plans. Anya is sleeping over at Grandma and Poppy's for the first time the weekend before and that will probably be our Valentine's Day Observed and it includes going out for a casual dinner with no kid on our lap and going to sleep early and waking up late!
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