From kick counts to sleep tracking, The Nest Baby is a destination for new parents and parent-to-be.

Created by The Knot, the site is the logical progression for couples who have settled down and are planning new additions. And, editor Kate Ward is currently enjoying her own brand new bundle of joy.

  • Who is the lil love of your life?
    Audrey (middle name Elizabeth) — she's just under 4 weeks old. Born on 1/20/08.
  • Which came first, the baby or the blog?
    I started working at before the baby came. Thank goodness too, because we have a ton of really talkative and helpful members who have saved my sanity at 1am on more than one occasion during my pregnancy and even more so now that Audrey is here. It's a relief to know that no matter what I'm going through there's someone on there who has already been there or is going through the same thing now.
  • To see hear about the moment Audrey stole Kate's heart,


  • What was the most shocking part of becoming a parent?
    I feel like I'm surprised by something new every day! Most shocking is how every new thing she does qualifies for both of us as the most incredible thing we've seen ever. She just now started making little sounds (hey!, ahh!) and it was as exciting as anything that's ever happened to me. I suddenly feel like the most easily-amused woman alive. I might keel over when she smiles for the first time.
  • If you could have one aspect of your pre-baby days back, but keep the
    kids, what would you choose?
    Sleep. No contest.
  • At what moment did you fall in love with your child? When they brought her screaming self over to me right after birth and she calmed down when she heard my voice. Amazing.