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Lil Loves of Our Lives: Sabrina Weill of MomLogic

If you're a harried mama looking to keep up with what's current, check out MomLogic. The "online magazine for thinking moms who don’t have time to think" is a place to catch up an all of the day's motherly highlights. And, Sabrina Weill is editor-in-chief.

  • Who is the lil love of your life? Please include the names and ages of your children.
    Of course my kids are tied for this award: Jack is 6 and Millie is 3. Jack was my first lil’ love. I’m nuts about him. I was worried about having a second because, how could we love another kid as much as we loved Jack? But, you do. Sounds totally corny but it’s true, it’s like someone sticks a bicycle pump in your heart and blows it up another 50%—literally! Mommy-love is very physical, it actually hurts.
  • Which came first, the baby or the blog?
    The baby, but I wish was around before I had my kids, because what no one tells you is how isolating motherhood can be. Having a child connects you to the community and brings people to you but no matter how supportive your family, community, and husband are, mothering is, in so many ways, something you do alone. It’s vital to have an online mom-sisterhood to keep you in the know, in the loop, and help you feel connected.
  • To see what Sabrina thought the most shocking part of parenthood has been,


  • What was the most shocking part of becoming a parent?
    The seemingly-insane birthing process. First there’s a live being existing within you, then it comes out as this scary bloody mess, and shockingly-soon thereafter he says things that he didn’t learn from you. The whole thing is totally bananas.
  • If you could have one aspect of your pre-baby days back, but keep the
    kids, what would you choose?

    More karaoke.
  • At what moment did you fall in love with your child?
    The second they were born. I cried like crazy each time—the second time I had complications and doctors were running around yelling STAT and jamming this humungous needle into my thigh, but the whole time I was just in this soft yellow glow holding my little Millie as she screamed her tiny head off.
  • Do you have Valentine’s Day plans? Yes, with Millie. She’s going to help me push the m+ms into the heart-shaped cookie dough. I buy the kind that comes in the tube and just nick the top and bottoms so it’s shaped like a heart when you cut it.
mommy4ever mommy4ever 9 years
I worked for Sabrina almost 10 years ago at a teen magazine and she was an amazing boss, one of her many greatest qualities was how nurturing she was. Seeing her today with two beautiful children and successful as an Editor in Chief of an online magazine just for moms I can say with certainty that all us mommies are in good hands with at our fingertips.
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