Author Christie Mellor hit a nerve with parents when she wrote The Three-Martini Playdate: A Practical Guide to Happy Parenting.

And, then mothers lined up to purchase her second book, The Three-Martini Family Vacation: A Field Guide to Intrepid Parenting when it hit the shelves. Now the author, actress, and mother pens The Three-Martini Complaint Department for Mommy Track’d.

  • Who is the lil love of your life?
    I won’t play favorites; they’re both pretty okay. Edison is now 16, and although he never got the “start acting like a total jerk” memo, he’s right on target with the “stay up too late and spend many, many hours in front of the computer friends and learning guitar chords” memorandum. But he’s kind, and good to his little brother, and still hugs me goodbye in the morning. Atticus is a strong-willed and interesting 10 year old, who loves his big brother and still likes his mom and dad. But he has a certain glint in his eye that promises hardships ahead.
  • Which came first, the baby or the blog?
    First the babies, then the books. The Three-Martini Playdate and The Three-Martini Family Vacation. Then I became a lazy, intermittent contributor to The Mommy Track’d site.
  • What was the most shocking part of becoming a parent?
    The whole thing is pretty much a giant surprise. But the biggest surprise was: five years into our first child, we decided to have another one, having forgotten completely about the sleep thing, and the endless diapers. Honestly, it all came back to me a few hours after giving birth. Oh! Right! Forgot about that! No sleep for two years and tons of diapers to change!
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  • If you could have one aspect of your pre-baby days back, but keep the kids, what would you choose?
    I am entirely annoyed by mommies “mourning” their pre-baby days. For god’s sake, did you not get enough bar-hopping in? I suppose you lose a certain amount of spontaneity when you have kids. But I think it’s that much more important to not make your children the absolute center of your lives. Have a life, and bring your kids along for the ride. And if you really miss clubbing, get a baby-sitter. You don’t really have to give anything up, except being able to walk out of the house on a whim.
  • At what moment did you fall in love with your child?
    That day when he was about two months old, when he spit up on my shoulder then looked up at me with the sweetest smile, and I decided right then and there not to give him away, as planned.
  • Do you have Valentine’s Day plans?
    We generally avoid buying stuff for each other and eating out at restaurants on that overpriced and over-hyped day. So I’ll make dinner, and my husband will probably write me some cute note. Maybe we’ll eat some chocolate. Group hug.
  • Anything else you want to add?
    Okay, I was kidding with the thing about deciding not to give my child away. But honestly, when do we fall in love with our children? I don’t think it happens in a single moment.