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Lil Loves of Our Lives: Zoe Singer of Fit Pregnancy

As part of our Valentine's Day coverage, we've asked fellow mom bloggers and writers to share their thoughts on motherhood and the lil loves of their lives — their children — with us.

Today's mama is Fit Pregnancy's Mom Appetit blogger, Zoe Singer who has 9-month-old son, Leo.

lilsugar: Why didn’t anybody tell me (fill in the blank) about motherhood?
Zoe Singer: That breastfeeding is really, really, really hard for a long time. And really, really, really worth it for a way longer time.

lilsugar: You know you’re a mother when (fill in the blank)?
Zoe Singer: Let's see, there's the first time you clean off your child's face with your own spit. There's those days when you dress up the baby in his fanciest coordinating outfit complete with useless little shoes and a bib that says something witty, then you throw an old maternity sweater over the jeans you've been wearing for 2 weeks and go to meet a friend without brushing your hair. Or there's the morning when you go to move the car holding a set of plastic rainbow keys.

lilsugar: The best trick my mama taught me was (fill in the blank)?
Zoe Singer: Pretend you couldn't care less about TV and your kids won't either (well, at least I never did, and I'm hoping Leo won't). We never even glance at the TV now...until Leo is fast asleep.

lilsugar: Helicopter mom or free range kids?
Zoe Singer: Well, I'm striving for balance, so sometimes I hover needlessly, and sometimes I blink and all hell breaks loose.

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sarahdee79 sarahdee79 8 years
that was great - i actually laughed out loud. it feels good to hear my life echoed in someone elses. i don't look fabulous everyday (or anyday) and i forget to wash my hair. she summed up breastfeeding so well. so worth it but alot of mountains to climb to get there.
Angelica Angelica 8 years
That's so true about ignoring the TV! Great interview, lilsugar. Zoe seems like a neat mom with great advice!
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