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Lil Tip: Car Safety

If your kids aren't in the car, make sure you designate a spot in front of the garage or driveway where they should stand when a vehicle approaches. While growing up, it was an automatic for my siblings and me to wait on the landing in our garage when a car was pulling in or out. And today with more and more parents driving SUVs, the likelihood of a tot getting stuck in a blindspot increases.

As protective parents, we should take note of Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman's recent tragedy. His 5-year-old daughter, Maria was killed this week when his teenage son accidentally hit the child while driving outside their home. I make a habit of having my kids hop in the car anytime my husband or I pull out of the driveway regardless of whether or not they are coming on the excursion. It takes a few extra minutes to buckle them in, but grants piece of mind.

Does your family have a car safety plan?

JennyJen2 JennyJen2 9 years
I am sitting here in tears. This is beyond sad.
phatE phatE 9 years
so so so tragic, i can't even imagine.. from what i have heard, quite a few family members witnessed the accident which is unimaginable. their older daughter got engaged earlier that day, and so they had company over celebrating that, and one of the son's graduation from HS.
milosmommy milosmommy 9 years
so sad...I really feel for the family. The poor boy he must be just overwhelmed with guilt.
jessie jessie 9 years
very tragic. my thoughts are with the chapman family and friends at this time.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
They have to stand on the porch where I can see them unless they're inside with Dad. The poor family, and the poor boy. I hope they're all able to get through this.
Courtney82 Courtney82 9 years
very tragic story, i cant imagine how the teenager feels, prayers to the family
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
its so heartbreaking and tragic, that poor teenager , i only know that this families faith will see them through it. they have my prayers
LiLRuck44 LiLRuck44 9 years
This story makes me so sad. We live on a busy road and our kids are so small that we never pass through the front door unless we're holding on tight to them. I think backup cameras are a fantastic idea.
anniekim anniekim 9 years
My kids don't play in the front of the house, but you never know. It is a sad reminder to take care always around autos.
Brendelwoman Brendelwoman 9 years
This is a really sad story. I tell my kids to stay to the side and I have a backup camera.
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