If your kids aren't in the car, make sure you designate a spot in front of the garage or driveway where they should stand when a vehicle approaches. While growing up, it was an automatic for my siblings and me to wait on the landing in our garage when a car was pulling in or out. And today with more and more parents driving SUVs, the likelihood of a tot getting stuck in a blindspot increases.

As protective parents, we should take note of Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman's recent tragedy. His 5-year-old daughter, Maria was killed this week when his teenage son accidentally hit the child while driving outside their home. I make a habit of having my kids hop in the car anytime my husband or I pull out of the driveway regardless of whether or not they are coming on the excursion. It takes a few extra minutes to buckle them in, but grants piece of mind.

Does your family have a car safety plan?