Bringing food over to a new family is a time honored tradition for some people. Unfortunately, the classic comfort foods that transport well — macaroni and cheese, casseroles and lasagnas — aren't always the most healthy. So if you plan to gift a dish when you go visit a new delivery, why not make a homemade version that is just as hearty, but more healthful? To see some suggestions,


Simply swapping out regular pasta noodles for whole wheat ones or adding a few handfuls of fresh veggies will help a postpartum mom keep her strength up and supply her baby with vital nutrients while breastfeeding. Other ingredients to consider are fresh fruit, whole grains, and lean proteins. And, ideally you should cook with unprocessed fresh foods. Since new mamas eat when babe allows, a pot of soup or stew that can be heated quickly in individual portions is a great option, as is a crudités platter for midday munching.

What is your favorite postpartum recipe?