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If you're having a lazy day, don't rely on the boob tube to entertain your tots. Instead turn to an energy exhausting activity to calm hyper kids. The other day, my lil darlings danced their hearts out for an hour during an impromptu game of freeze dance. At five and two, they haven't perfected the freezing part, but were more than thrilled to attempt to stand still when the music stopped. When we pumped up the jams, they got inventive creating their own signature moves.

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Naomi2489957 Naomi2489957 5 years
Love freeze dance! The babies and toddlers have a blast with tons of giggles.
Revrend117 Revrend117 8 years
Great tip, this is going to be tonight's activity after dinner and before the bath tub.
Home Home 8 years
My work-study job in undergrad was at the college's nursery school. There's nothing cuter than watching about 15 toddlers playing Freeze Dance (especially when you bring in a ridiculous deep house mix for them to vogue to).
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