If your lil one prefers a pacifier to your finger you're probably all too familiar with the "drop it, pick it up, wash it, put it back in and drop it again" routine. My doctor recommended washing new pacifiers with soap and water and soaking old pacifiers in white vinegar and water for a few minutes daily to keep them clean.

This works fine if you're just hanging at home, but once you go outside your babe's binky is susceptible to a whole world of different kinds of germs. I used to think of them as useless pieces of extra plastic, but pacifier covers are a simple and inexpensive solution to a very dirty problem and will keep pacifiers clean when you aren't near a faucet.

The options are many: from the relatively fancy sets like this Vice Versa Binky and Case, $12, to simpler pacifiers with built in covers.

For some additional pacifier covers,