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Lil Tip: Lisa Kothari

Following up on Lisa's great holidays tips from yesterday, we are sharing her ideas on how to celebrate kids' birthdays that fall right in the midst of the holiday season.

Kids don't always want a holiday themed party, and they most definitely do not want to get a birthday/holiday gift all in one. Birthday = present and holiday = present. Not birthday+holiday = present. She has some fantastic ideas on how you can make holiday birthdays unique celebrations.

Themes you could try:

  • Have a faux-summer beach party, indoors of course.
    Have the kids bring a summer change of clothes to change into when they arrive. The guests will find the mixed-up seasons loads of fun.
  • Throw an around-the-world party and focus on those countries in the southern hemisphere that are actually in the middle of their summer. It will be a great party, and educational, too!
  • Think about your kid's interests and do a party completely around a favorite character, book, or hobby. Something not at all related to the holidays, like a Harry Potter party. This has nothing to do with the holidays and will be an excellent party theme.

Lisa says,

Although the holidays are always so stressful and busy . . . planning ahead of time for a birthday party completely unrelated to a holiday theme will be quite manageable, especially if you take it to an outside party venue. You may not be able to do it every year, but the one or two times you throw such a unique party at the height of the holiday party season will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you Lisa for all of your wonderful input. Happy parties lie ahead!

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kiddylnd kiddylnd 9 years
My birthday is the day before Christmas. It sucks yes, thank you for noticing. The first time it happened I was 9, and it was a soccer ball. Not that I'm scarred in the least from it. :)I digress. I was lucky enough to have a family party every year on my birthday up until 21. That's when I decided not to have parties anymore because it was more important for my son to not associate Christmas with my birthday. Anyhow...the hardest part of having a birthday during the holidays is the actual party day, and getting kids to come. Since it's during the holidays, many folks are already booked up for those weekends. No matter what kind of celebration you have, plan far in advance and let other parents know about it so they can clear that day. If you approach it as a day for them to get some shopping done without the kids around, it's much easier. Personally, I LOVED having a holiday theme for my birthday parties! I didn't want to make it anything that it wasn't. I love the holidays so much now too, because it's all about family and being happy during that time. Just don't EVER give me a 2 for 1!
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