Three months into nursing, my daughter decided to go on a nursing strike. When the baby rejects the breast for anywhere between two days to three weeks, it's typically called a nursing strike. And, unfortunately, bottle-fed babies aren't immune to strikes.

My lil one decided to go for a record breaker and tortured me for close to three weeks. It was a nightmare. She wouldn't take a bottle, sippy cup or a regular cup. I even resorted to a medicine dropper, which was not fun or effective.

Before I lost my sanity, I went to visit a lactation consultant. She thought it was evident that my babe was too interested in the world around her to take time to eat. So she gave me some advice — to wear a big colorful necklace so my baby had something to focus on and play with instead of just boring old me. Thankfully, the tip worked and my lil angel returned.