I was a proud mother when my baby started rolling over on her own at three months. She did the reverse flip — from belly to tummy first. While this was exciting, it left me worried about SIDS. She would wiggle her way around and smush her pink kittenish face up to the crib side.

I paid attention to every last detail when I decorated her nursery, especially the bumper. When I went in for my babe's three month check up, I told the doctor about her flipping over. She was impressed (at least I thought she was) and without hesitation told me it was time to remove the bumper. What? The bumper I took so long to pick out? How will the room hold together?

Reluctantly, I went home and took the white diamond matelasse bumper with green stitching off the crib. And baby girl has been snoozing comfortably ever since. The nursery still looks cute, and we all rest better knowing she's safe in her cocoon.

So when your lil one starts turning over and especially standing up, take those bumpers off and store them away for another time.