A Sugar Shower to Send LilSugar Off in Style!

Before LilSugar welcomes her third bebe, we decided to throw a fete in her honor. Not wanting to mess with pale pinks and blues, we went for brighter hues to celebrate the sweet mommy. Orange and green were the colors of choice, which proved to be a fan favorite amongst the baby shower revelers. Also a big hit? Rice Krispie Treats on a stick and Arnold Palmers for everyone!

To see how I made the diaper cake and to see the rest of the fun photos,


Like previously assembled diaper cakes, I started out with a large base of folded disposable nappies and held it together with a large navy grosgrain ribbon. I did the same for the second layer and tied a green ribbon. For the top layer, I used a vase for the centerpiece instead of the more common candy-filled bottle. I encircled it with the remaining diapers and tied the orange bow around it. Not wanting to get water all over the diapers, I filled the container by ladling cups of water until it was three-quarters full. Then I cut a bunch of peachy roses short and popped them in the vase. With the layers and flowers complete, I placed faux orange and yellow flowers sporadically around the cake anchoring them under the ribbons. A fan of the bubbly, I placed a toy popping champagne bottle front and center. Surely the docs will allow her to open this champers in the maternity ward.

One of our ah-mazing teammates took the time to whip up 80 Rice Krispie Treats and wrapped them with coordinating streamers. We draped the room with crepe paper and handed out "Wishes For Baby" that every guest filled out and stuffed into the diaper cake for safe keeping. (You can download a similar version we created for free here!) Though it was a fabulous affair, it has us missing our LilSugar already!

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