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LilSugar's Review of The Princess and the Frog Movie

Movies With Miya: The Princess and the Frog

Princess lovers unite! There's a new girl on campus and her name rhymes with tiara... she's princess Tiana! Disney's latest release, The Princess and the Frog, takes it back to the old school ways with hand-drawn animation. The film includes all aspects of a classic fairy tale and the musical background to accompany it. A groundbreaking movie, it is the first Disney production to present an African-American princess. Voiced by Anika Noni Rose from Dreamgirls, princess Tiana has visions of opening a restaurant in her home town of New Orleans. As one might suspect from the title, a frog enters the picture. Set in the bayous of Louisiana, the purple, green and gold background blends perfectly with the Mardi Gras feeling and the jazz flavored tunes. A soulful alligator named Louie and a firefly named Ray bring laughter to the screen while adding to the southern mix. An instant classic, parents should set aside a date over the holidays to take their wee ones to see The Princess and the Frog. It opens today, Dec. 11!

To give us a wee perspective, we sat down with one of our favorite lil movie reviewers, Miya, to get her take on the film,


Q: What was your favorite part of the movie?
A: I liked a lot of the funny parts. I likes Tiana’s childhood friend Charlotte, who was super silly. And, I also liked when the frogs got their tongues stuck together.


Q: What didn’t you like about the movie?
A: Nothing really. I liked the whole movie.

Q: Did any parts scare you?
A: The Shadowman, who makes voodoo black magic, was a little bit scary.

Q: Would you tell your friends to watch it?
A: Yes! and I will tell them I will watch it again with them!

Movie buff Miya, 4, has been watching films since she was old enough to follow the images in the Baby Einstein videos. Her favorite flick is the adored blockbuster, The Little Mermaid. This cute critic hopes to grace the silver screen some day!


msshellokitty msshellokitty 7 years
My little girls can't wait to see this movie.I can't wait to take them next weekend.
lauren lauren 7 years
What a great movie review! I am glad to hear Miya liked the movie so much!
jmast jmast 7 years
My nieces (6 and 4 years old) just came back from Disney World with Princess Tiana dolls, underwear, etc. etc. They are obsessed with her and so excited for the movie!!!
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