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Lisa Bonet and Baby Girl Lola

Mini Me: Lisa Bonet and Lola Lolani

It's A Different World for Lisa Bonet and her precious babe, Lola Lolani.

Mama Lisa and baby daddy, Jason Momoa look like they're straight off the set of Oliver Twist whilst baby Lola chills in a posh Bugaboo stroller. To see the similarities between the ladies,


Even though mom looks hip and baby seems trendy, the nine–month–old looks like Lisa's clone. Since the lil girl got her mom's pouty lips and cafe–colored skin, this sweet girl is sure to be a knock out.

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in_a_dream_land in_a_dream_land 9 years
Lisa and Jason are cute together and not metion he's hot.The baby is hella cute.I love the baby's name.
ovenmitt ovenmitt 9 years
mmm.. ronan dex.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
Oh jason is so F-ing hot.
hotstuff hotstuff 9 years
Jason Momoa, is just about the most gorgeous man EVER!
lula29 lula29 9 years
Lisa Bonet knows how to pick a good looking man. She hit the mother load with Jason Momoa. Their daughter's a cutie.
nina_e nina_e 9 years
they both are exceptional looking people...with showers and haircuts...but their daughter is a cutie
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
huh?! que?! what the eff?! I just googled Jason Momoa and he is one hot dude :drool: !! YUM!
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
The baby is gorgous. The parents on the other hand look like a couple of hobo's!
Alisha_Stiletto Alisha_Stiletto 9 years
Wow, HUGE age difference between the two kids. Adorable nonetheless. Lisa Bonet is whacked out crazy, but you gotta love the eccentricities. Gorgeous lady
tiabia tiabia 9 years
How very adorable!!! PS: Jason Momoa, stop hiding your inevitable hotness.
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
Wow! I didn't know that she was so tiny. A good bean phart could blow her clean across a room! Cute kid!
AvaSofia AvaSofia 9 years
Lola Lolani Momoa . . . that name is quite a mouthful . . . but she's gorgeous just like her parents.
msshellokitty msshellokitty 9 years
I didn't know she had another child.I thought her daughter with Lenny changed her name at first.
abqmama abqmama 9 years
I had no idea she had a baby.
Brendelwoman Brendelwoman 9 years
I didn't know she had another child.
anniekim anniekim 9 years
A good looking couple and child.
Dana18 Dana18 9 years
she looks jest like her older sister.
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