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Steal This Idea! A Baby Shower in a Box

Apr 22 2013 - 11:42am

If hundreds of miles or expensive flights have ever kept you from celebrating a friend's special occasion, you're likely to love Annie Campbell of Après Fête's Baby Shower in a Box [1] concept as much as we do.

"I love my friends. I really do. But since I grew up in Oregon, went to school in New York, and now live in Los Angeles, those friends are pretty spread out. And since life continues to be full of celebrations — birthdays, engagements, weddings, showers of all kinds, babies, and more — it's impossible to fly around to celebrate all of them in person," Annie said of her inspiration to devise a "Baby Shower in a Box" for her expectant friend, Deirdre, who lives across the country in Charleston, SC. See how she did it!

The Goods

The elements in Deirdre's Baby Shower in a Box include:

A Note to the Mom-to-Be

"I sent an email to the rest of our college friends requesting: a baby photo, a decorated onesie, and their favorite children's book. Packages arrived from London, New York, Minneapolis, and Oregon (thank God for Amazon!), and I had all of the elements for the box," said party planner Annie, who explained the contents of the package in this pretty note to her friend Deirdre.

Pink Packages

The onesies were wrapped in solid hot pink paper, and adorned with ribbon and custom gift tags.

A Library in the Making

The books were wrapped in craft paper and decorated to complement the onesie packages.

Baby's Loot

The result? A fun stack of thoughtful goodies from friends around the globe for the mom-to-be to open.

A New Onesie For a New Baby

Since each "guest" was asked to decorate their own onesie for baby Daphne, she received a whole wardrobe of meaningful outfits for her first few months of life.

Mom's Memories

"My mom decorated her onesie with cowgirl details in homage to Deirdre's trip to Oregon, where she purchased cowboy boots and fell off her horse," said Annie of this Western-style onesie.

Guess Who?

Each of Deirdre's friends sent a baby photo of themselves along with their gifts. The fun for her was identifying each baby photo (a key was included).

"I'm pretty excited about my new solution to showing love for moms-to-be when getting everyone together isn't in the cards," Annie said. "This way we can all save our visits to Charleston for a time we can meet baby Daphne!"

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