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Losin' it at the Lost & Found

Losin' it at the Lost & Found

Losin' it at the Lost & Found

I roll up my sleeves way up to the shoulders and begin to dig. I dig and dig. Hey! I found that cool Gap sweatshirt he lost the first week of school! And a pair of his gloves! And a random scarf that looks like his, but has no name on it. When in doubt, take it home. Otherwise, it will just end up in Lost & Found purgatory. 

On occasion during a dig, a parent may find herself in a quandary. This happens when you spot an adorable girl's size 7 Talbot's sweater just sitting in that pileunclaimed! So you check out the tag and notice there's no name. Well, you reason with yourself, if the mother had wanted it, she would've come and gone through the trenches by now. She must not even know it's gone. Wow, this would look so cute on my daughter! No, no, no! You stop yourself! Enough of that! You remind yourself: "I am here for one thing only...the kid's coat!" You musn't contemplate theft (although you wonder, if it's "lost" and you "find" it, does it really constitute theft?) Ok, never mind. You forego the Talbot's sweater (this time).

Ten mintues later, there you stand, with a pile of rejected articles of clothing at your feet, the bin totally empty, and no winter coat in sight. This is bad. This is when you think "Jeez! I went through all that, and the coat wasn't even there?!" Well, at least I found a couple of missing things. But, the grossness doesn't stop there. No, you are now stuck with the task of picking up all the items and returning them into the bin! Yuck!


As you depart the premises, you toss your rubber gloves and tongs into the trash and pray that your children will never lose anything again as long as they live.

You stop at Marshall's on your way home to buy your kid another winter coat. By this time, all the good ones are gone. You tell yourself that he'll just have to live with a bright yellow, size 16 girls' coat. It's his own fault.

That afternoon, your kid comes homes miraculously wearing the lost coat! "Hey, you found your coat!" you say. "Yeah," he says. "It was in my locker the whole time." It is at this point that you resist the urge to shriek and throw things, and instead mumble under your breath just as your parents always did: "Just wait until you have kids. You'll get yours."

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ElizabethLarlhamOala ElizabethLarlhamOala 5 years
This is why we shop at re-sale stores!
AmberChristy AmberChristy 5 years
@ Debbie Brink -- LoL! Even if there's not, there needs to be!
dbrink419 dbrink419 5 years
@ Amber Christy: I guarantee you that by now, there's an app for that. ;)
CoMMember13631012449589 CoMMember13631012449589 5 years
my daughter is just like this! She chose to live with her dad in Michigan and I live in Kentucky. I came up for a week long visit and agreed to pick her up and drop her off at school for the week. The last day after I had left for Kentucky I get a panicky call that her back pack is still in the back of my van and her make up test is in there. Come Monday she finds it in her step-mother's car.
LeahKlabechek LeahKlabechek 5 years
our school donates stuff a few times a year from L&F you get a warning note home by X date to come in or away it goes to the local homeless shelter. keeps the pile down
Skmart72 Skmart72 5 years
I thought it was just my 8 yo son! LOL I learned my lesson & I stopped buying him hats & gloves that cost enough for my pressure to go up when he loses them. Now, we buy him his first winter hat of the season (oh there will be others) and I only buy the $1 hats from Target or The Dollar Tree. After he loses it, HE has to use his own money to replace the lost items. All only cost a $1. The first hat casualty of the year was lost within a week. Amazing! LOL
KristeenHammond KristeenHammond 5 years
Sound just like my eldest son
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