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Lil Community: Stay-at-Home Mom and Your Identity

Motherhood can turn your world upside down! This post was submitted by an anonymous reader in the A Place to Vent group.

I'm a stay-at-home mom (for a little over two years) of two kids (3 years old and 3 months old). Sometimes I feel as if I don't know myself anymore because I'm so busy taking care of the kids and managing the house. Sometimes I feel as if my days are monotonous. Will this feeling ever go away?

Let it all out in our anonymous A Place to Vent group over in the LilSugar Community.

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TakithaZito TakithaZito 6 years
I feel that way too sometimes... I used to be a vivacious, purple-haired girl. I got pregnant four months after graduation. Sometimes I feel lik eI don't know who I am or who I would have been at this point in my life had I not had kids. My kids make me happy and I love them more than anything, my firstborn is becoming such a cool little dude that I feel like I can actually hang out with him sometimes. Anonymous, not everyone "plans" to be a mother, I wanted kids but not until I was 30. I feel like they make my life complete, but my mind still wanders... I just really appreciate the time that I get to go out and "just be me" when I go out with my girls, or when eveyone is asleep... I can't say if it will ever go away, but I can tell you that you aren't the only one :)
gargprachi gargprachi 6 years
Hi Anonymous, I can really understand the feeling.. I left my job in 2 years back when I learnt that I was pregnant.. there has been no going back since then.. I take care of my 15 month old daughter, also manage house chores.. I think you can try this.. everyday, just think of one task that you want to do for yourself.. It can be anything from 5 minute session of meditation to 15 minutes walk outside all by yourself.. once your mind is calm, ask yourself if you are happy with your life.. what changes would you like to make to it.. write them down if possible.. now, all you have to do is try to bring those changes in your life slowly..
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