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Lotus Birth Trend Keeps Cord and Placenta Attached to Baby

Umbilical Cord and Placenta Stay Attached in "Lotus Birth" Trend

Chances are your partner or doctor cut the cord right away when your baby was born; that it didn't even occur to you to leave it attached. But in an emerging trend called "Lotus Birth," some parents are leaving the cord intact until it falls off naturally, which generally takes about three days. Read more.

Before you recoil at the idea of caring for a newborn with its cord and placenta attached, consider the benefits noted by Lotus Birth advocates and practitioners: Avoiding the cut allows the complete transfer of placental/cord blood into the baby, boosting immunity and nourishment. It also removes a roadblock to immediate bonding between mom and baby.

As for the possibility of stench from the rotting placenta? Mary Ceallaigh, a Lotus Birth advocate and midwife educator from Austin, TX, tells FOX News that if cared for properly and housed in a special cloth bag, a placenta will give off only "a slight musky smell" on the second and third day.


Read the whole story (FOX News).

Would you consider Lotus Birth?

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ChristinaMullerKelley ChristinaMullerKelley 4 years
I find this practice very bizarre. I have 2 children and would never have chosen this. Can't imagine that it's very safe. Too many diseases out there for a newborn to contract, just doesn't sound like a very safe thing to do. A woman's body expels the placenta after giving birth because it's no longer functional. I wouldn't want dead tissue attached to my newborn, too much of a health risk.
carrie72535 carrie72535 4 years
This idea is weird and potentially dangerous to the baby. Show me some evidence that states that leaving a decaying placenta attached to your child internally is NOT a potential source of infection! Who thinks these things up? NO species walks around for days with the placenta hanging of their offspring. Give me a break. Medically speaking ( and yes, I am a health professional) the idea that "it allows for complete transfer of placenta/cord blood" is ridiculous. Blood that is not being nourished with oxygen and pumped through an intact circulatory system is going to coagulate very quickly and be for all intents and purposes useless. I usually don't comment or judge others practices but I believe that this is dangerous and until I see some research stating otherwise from a reputable source I will speak against it. As far as I am concerned, this is some "new age" freak show! And I am a firm believer in alternative medicine! NOT this, this is sick.
StephanieHayden30068 StephanieHayden30068 4 years
I want to knw from a real doctor, and you guys are comparing ANIMALS and humans! we are not the same! People may act like it but we are NOT ANIMALS. MAYBE itis also natural to eat your still born baby? DOGS DO IT? CATS DO IT? Um have a brain. The placenta is still a very untouched resource. And I wouldnt have minded to try it, My Doctor didnt talk to me too much about the placenta. Didnt even see my third child's. I def wouldn't eat it. But to each their own. Unless you are a medical professional and have done reasearch on this, your "OPINIION" IS OFFENSIVE to compare my birth to an animal.... Thank you.
MelindaTucker35179 MelindaTucker35179 4 years
Ridiculous and nasty..... No wonder MRSA and staph are rampant....
SarahOxleyKissinger SarahOxleyKissinger 4 years
I waited to have my cord cut till it was done pulsating. I was in the hospital. I loved doing that. It made it more special to me, and her dad was completely on board. I also had GD so my placenta was not in good shape. So I'm not sure how I'd feel about carrying it around for a few days. But I see nothing wrong with this.
RobinMitchell72171 RobinMitchell72171 4 years
I had never heard of a Lotus birth before. I have my child with a midwife at home and had plans of keeping the cord intact for an hour or so until the cord was completely done pulsing but unfortunately my chord was so short (only about 6 inches) it ripped off as my baby came out. Fortunately he and I were fine and he still has a super cute belly button :-) I guess sometimes Mother Nature decides for us how things will go.
WayneandKathyJones WayneandKathyJones 4 years
OK Mums choice for what is best for Mum and Bub. Also we need to consider the future and / or Health and life donations. We are past our choice of new babies for us [sadly] but if we had our choice we would bank the cord incase of stem sell need in future. We would consider donating this for the gift of health/life/better life /research 0f others. Another choice in the mix apart from the popular choice in some circles of eating the placenta . There you go. KWJ
EmmaFry EmmaFry 4 years
Whilst I didn't lotus birth, I did have a homebirth with absolutely no intervention, including a biological third stage where I delivered my baby's placenta while it was still attached and it was several minutes after this that my 3.5 assisted the midwife with cutting the cord. I have read about the many benefits of at the very least having a biological third stage, there are also huge benefits to the gentleness of lotus birth and undisturbed birth. It concerns me that people are disgusted by the informed choices that other parents make, and worse still the opinions of non-parents. Walk a mile before you judge an do your research. The placenta is a truly undervalued organ once it is perceived to have "done its job", you spend nine mknths
TineBrok TineBrok 4 years
Early cord clamping, ie cutting the cord straight after birth and particularly before it has stopped pulsing, is harmful to baby and mother. Research shows that before the baby is born, he shunts about a third of his blood volume back up into the placenta, to make his body volume the smallest possible for an easy birth. Then, of course, baby needs the blood back, and this is what happens in the time after birth when the cord is allowed to remain intact. It is called the 'placental transfusion'. It means that the placenta and baby shunt the blood backwards and forwards a bit until the baby has all the blood he needs for a healthy life. When the cord is clamped early, babies lose up to a quarter of their natural blood volume, and a third of their red blood cells. This blood contains stem cells which THE BABY NEEDS, as they are used to form bone marrow, blood cells and immune factors. Clamping the cord straight after birth can actually cause the very diseases and problems, including some forms of blood and marrow cancers and anemia, which stored cord blood is supposed to treat. Lotus birth is a calm, healthy (when managed properly as it invariably is as people who choose to lotus birth are generally informed) and gentle way for a baby to adjust to the outside world. It allows the placental transfusion to give the baby all the blood that he or she needs for health, and allows the placenta to be birthed naturally and more safely, as a good many problems with birthing placentas are caused by interference. Early clamping forces the placenta to stay engorged with fetal blood that makes it harder for the uterus to remove it safely. There is so much hysteria surrounding various aspects of birth, and most of them are simply from misinformation and from the fear that surrounds pregnancy and birth in our culture. Lotus birth is not necessary for proper placental transfusion to give the baby her blood volume back after birth, but leaving the cord intact until it has stopped pulsing is vital.
JessicaCoodey JessicaCoodey 4 years
When I was in labor with my youngest, which was my last, I didn't make it to the hospital in time...So he was born in the car on the way to the hospital...the whole time on the phone with my nurses telling me what to do when the baby was born...i lost contact with them about 5 minutes away form the hospital and right after he was born. After we got to the hospital, the baby still attached, they wee freakin out cause he was still attached, saying that he was left with the cord not cut then he could get too many red blood cells and it would make him really sick..luckily it didn't make him sick, but I would definitely be afraid of that!
karenlynch6843 karenlynch6843 4 years
Just like anything to do with your child it's all about what mommy feels is best I guess. I personally wouldn't choose this without some serious studies done on the benefits to it but then again I have a weak stomach lol.
DawnGooden DawnGooden 4 years
I was all for letting the placenta and cord stay attached until the pulsing stopped shortly after birth, but once that stopped it was cut!! That was within a few minutes after I delivered! I could not imagine keeping it all in tact for THREE DAYS!! *eye twitch* I love the concept of natural birth and all (did it with both my children at a birthing center with amazing midwives,) but this lotus birth thing is a bit too far even for me =S
CoMMember13613572502147 CoMMember13613572502147 4 years
All I can say is "Wow" Some people will believe anything and do anything they think is "natural." This concept is just absurd!
CrystalFaith CrystalFaith 4 years
Well this is new! My great grandmother was a local midwife. She helped most women give birth, including my mom. Pregnant women are supposedly targeted by aswangs (local version of flying vampires) so umbilical cords are tied on the ceiling to let the aswang know that the woman in house has already given birth, driving it away. So yes, my cord is still up there on my great grandma's ceiling! :D
KellyWhite87901 KellyWhite87901 4 years
I have had 3 lotus babies and I would never consider anything else. The recent articles on lotus birthing are drawing attention to it, but the information is vague and lacking. You can check out the Lotus Birthing group on facebook to learn more.
KeriJohnson92586 KeriJohnson92586 4 years
I thought the whole point of clamping and cutting shortly after the uterus stops contracting is because once the contractions stop the baby's blood could flow back to the placenta causing sever anemia...when did this change??
CoMMember13611303940415 CoMMember13611303940415 4 years
LOL seriously even in the wild animals eat or bite the cord off the babies LOL
NicoleM17196 NicoleM17196 4 years
I found some of the comments to be funny but gotta say the smoothie comment turned my stomach and makes me wonder about some of these people out there who are having babies. Some people really should not be parents. JMO...
VictoriaMorton19880 VictoriaMorton19880 4 years
Its such an ignorant human thing. Sometimes we try to be so enlightened and natural, that we forget what truly is natural. There isn't a single species of animal that leaves the placenta intact. Why? Because it is dangerous. A rotting piece of flesh of blood absolutely increases the chance for infection, attract pests and IMO would detract from the bonding process as you'd have to constantly maneuver a bag attached to your child's body, that if dropped would rip the umbilical cord out and thus greatly increase your childs chance of infection among other problems. As for eating it, the biggest reason animals eat it is to remove it from the nest so as not to attract disease, pests and predators. Nutrition is secondary. We have all the adequate nutrition we need, and disposal. However, if it makes you happy, well you take all the risks upon yourself and not hurting anyone. Then go for it. But keeping the placenta attached for days, that puts your child at risk. As far as i'm concerned, it should be treated as if you didn't dispose of a deceased body or rotted, dismembered body part.
CarinaBrown8229 CarinaBrown8229 4 years
This would have made more since to me if the story would have claimed leaving the cord and placenta attached to nourish the baby while waiting for mothers breast milk to flow freely or if the story claimed to reduce the risk of Jaundice for the infant, however this story lacks conviction for me, it just sounds like an idea for a good and or entertaining news story.
Eviesmom46559 Eviesmom46559 4 years
I am also banking the cord blood and stem cells, as I did last time. Best health insurance ever!
VeronicaNelson56488 VeronicaNelson56488 4 years
awesome concept!! Especially for premature births!
Eviesmom46559 Eviesmom46559 4 years
I have other plans for my placenta. I'm having it encapsulated :) I'm very excited about this and wish I had known about it last time. It has reduced PPD and exhaustion for many moms and increases milk production! Every other mammal eats their placenta and it is part of the post-partum healing process in many cultures. I don't give a damn what anyone thinks about it; they're not me :)
ChristianaDiulio ChristianaDiulio 4 years
That is the MOST disgusting and stupid thing I've ever heard. Total hippie freak show ideas. And injesting it? Even nastier. Would you eat your own period? Cause that's what eating a placenta would be like doing. People think of the weirdest things.
KhyaraNewton KhyaraNewton 4 years
So like how do you go around with this thing? And how does the baby wear clothes?
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