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Louis C.K. Goes on a Twitter Rant Against Common Core Math

Apr 29 2014 - 9:44am

It hasn't been a good month for supporters of Common Core. The same month that third- and fourth-graders were given exams based on the three-year-old program, two big comedians came out swinging against the controversial academic standards. First came Stephen Colbert who shed some hysterical satirical light [1] on the national math program. And then, last night, Louis C.K. joined the fray with a Twitter rant against his daughter's homework. The NYC dad of two elementary-school-aged kids was dumbfounded by a math assignment his third-grader brought home, tweeting:

My kids used to love math. Now it makes them cry. Thanks standardized testing and common core!

— Louis C.K. (@louisck) April 28, 2014 [2]

But that was just the beginning. Over the next three hours, he continued to post images of her assignments, questioning not only the concepts that Common Core is teaching but how the questions were written. And as the night drew on, his supporters joined in, with his original tweet receiving more than 6,700 retweets and more than 8,600 favorites. Take a look at the Twitter tirade below.

A huge amount of my third graders time is spent preparing for and answering questions like this. pic.twitter.com/WU5tEo8JRO [3]

— Louis C.K. (@louisck) April 28, 2014 [4]

This is one of my favorites. Also for third graders. Who is writig these? And why? pic.twitter.com/xUBVIxE6WU [5]

— Louis C.K. (@louisck) April 28, 2014 [6]

Look at 4 of part a. And the point isn't that it's too hard. Just read #4. Please. pic.twitter.com/5bnUlaXG5b [7]

— Louis C.K. (@louisck) April 28, 2014 [8]

"Why night you want each picture to stand for more than 1 balloon?" Yet again I must tell my kid "don't answer it. It's a bad question"

— Louis C.K. (@louisck) April 28, 2014 [9]

Sorry. I sit with my kids as they so their HW they devour knowledge. When it's hard they step up. Their teachers are great

— Louis C.K. (@louisck) April 28, 2014 [10]

But it's changed in recent years. It's all about these tests. It feels like a dark time. And nothing is going in anymore.

— Louis C.K. (@louisck) April 28, 2014 [11]

It's this massive stressball that hangs over the whole school. The kids teachers trying to adapt to these badly written notions.

— Louis C.K. (@louisck) April 28, 2014 [12]

But the comedian did the end the night on a high note, proclaiming his love for the NYC school system, "mice, lice and all."

Okay I'm done. This is just one dumb, fat parent's POV. I'm pissed because I love NYC public schools. mice, lice and all.

— Louis C.K. (@louisck) April 29, 2014 [13]

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