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MMR Immunizations Not Linked to Autism

Study Says No Link Between MMR Immunization and Autism

According to a new British study, there is no link between the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine and autism as many have speculated.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield raised concerns over the vaccination in 1998 claiming there was an abnormal biological relationship between the two. After he and his cohorts announced their theory, there were noticeable outbreaks of all three diseases in Britain.

To learn about the latest findings,


The current study, released by Archives of Disease in Childhood, re–examined Wakefield's findings by testing 100 autistic children, 52 learning challenged kids, and 90 children who were developing normally. Every child had received the MMR vaccination, but not everyone got both doses.

Dr. Gillian Baird, the pediatrician on the study, said:

"The researchers took blood samples from the children and found no abnormal immune response in any of them marked by higher antibody levels or presence of a measles virus still left in the body from the shot."

A researcher at Britain's Health Protection Agency, David Brown, worked on the study and said,

This study really supports the view these are safe vaccines. The evidence is now so solid there really isn't a need for further studies here.

Did you worry that vaccinating your child could cause autism?

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