Babes Stroll in Maclaren's Yellow Submarine, Yellow Submarine

Lil ones can "sail on to the sun" in their own version of a yellow submarine starting next month. Forty-five-year-old British stroller king Maclaren is moving beyond its experience collaborating with high-end designers and turning its attention to legendary musicians like the Beatles.

The special edition Yellow Submarine Maclaren Quest stroller ($280) features a bright yellow seat, denim hood, reversible psychedelic print liner, and an adorable bubble print rain cover. Images from the iconic film are embroidered on the hood, seat back, and liner and a spiffy matching foot muff is sold separately. The buggy, which will be sold by major retailers in September, is built onto the Quest frame, similar to the BabyGap, Jacadi, and Lulu Guinness versions before it. With a funky design like this, it's only a matter of time before tots will be asking mama to play the Sgt. Pepper's album backwards!

LOVE it!
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