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Mad Moms: The Leading Ladies of Mad Men

Apr 8 2013 - 10:21am

Fans of Mad Men [1] rejoiced last night as the show and kicked off its sixth season on AMC. And while Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is still the backdrop for most of the show's Madison Avenue drama, we couldn't help but notice the increased role and influence of the show's "Mad Moms." Here, a look at the leading ladies of Mad Men, their families, and their very varied adventures in parenting in 1967 New York.

Source: AMC [2]

Trudy Campbell: Disappointed by the Life She Always Wanted

Mom to: Baby Tammy

Who's the Daddy? Pete Campbell

Parental Profile: After a struggle with fertility problems, and much marital discord over considering adoption, Trudy finally conceives and gives birth to a baby girl in season 4. After a move to the suburbs and an affair for Pete, season 5 ended with Trudy asking her husband to find himself an apartment in the city. Trudy didn't appear in the season 6 premiere, and Pete's role didn't give any hint as to what was happening on the homefront.

Source: AMC [3]

Joan Harris: The Executive Mom . . . With a Secret

Mom to: Baby Kevin

Who's the Daddy? Unbeknownst to Joan's husband, a military doctor, it's actually her longtime at-work love interest, Roger Sterling

Parental Profile: A sign of the times, in season 5, being at home with baby Kevin left Joan feeling restless and like she was missing out on things at work. She returned to SCDP — no longer as an office manager, but as a partner.

Source: AMC [4]

Peggy Olson: The Momentary Mother

Mom to: An unnamed baby boy made only a brief appearance on the show in season 5

Who's the Daddy? Peggy's colleague, account manager Pete Campbell

Parental Profile: At the end of season one, Peggy visits the hospital with severe stomach pains, and is shocked to learn that she's actually in labor. With the help of her mother and sister, she conceals the news of the birth from her co-workers, and instead blames her absence on a bout of tuberculosis. She gives the baby away and doesn't share the news with Pete until much later. Throughout the next few seasons, it's made evident that the incident still haunts Peggy. In season 6, she's shown flourishing at her new firm, with a newfound level of confidence and authority.

Source: AMC [5]

Betty Francis: Showing a New Dimension

Mom to: Sally, Bobby, and Gene

Who's the Daddy? The one-and-only Don Draper

Parental Profile: Betty, a former model now onto her second marriage, is in a seemingly permanent state of discontent, and that's reflected in her often short-tempered interactions with her children. She frequently butts heads with new husband Henry in regards to her parenting techniques, and her mother-in-law describes Betty's children as "terrified of her."

In the season 6 premiere, we see a new side of Betty. Her daughter Sally's friend, Sandy, runs off to Manhattan, and Betty drops everything to search for her. Her actions suggest that perhaps Betty sees something of herself in the teenage girl — a pretty and talented violinist whose own mother has passed away.

On the contrary, actress January Jones [6], who gave birth to baby Xander a year and a half ago, couldn't be more different than her on-screen character. "If anything, I understand [Betty] even less. But in terms of mothering, I don't carry anything 'Betty' home, [7] she told Hollyscoop.

Source: AMC [8]

Megan Draper: Baby on the Way?

Mom to: No one . . . yet. Stepmother to Sally, Bobby, and Gene Draper.

Who's the Daddy? Could be baby number four for Don Draper

Parental Profile: Don's young wife Megan seems a lot more balanced than the first Mrs. Draper. She is passionate about her career as an actress, and while eager to please Don, also cares a great deal about her own success.

On a visit to California in season four (for which Megan was originally hired to babysit the Draper kids), Don returns to his hotel room after a long day of meetings and discovers that Megan has taught Sally and Bobby a French lullaby. "You're like Maria von Trapp," he tells her, and soon after, he proposes to the secretary-turned-nanny-turned-love-interest.

While season 5 offered hints of Megan's desire to become a mother herself, the season 6 premiere shows the new Mrs. Draper enjoying her early success in a soap opera and focused on her career.

Source: AMC [9]

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