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Major Recall: Nearly 1 Million Child-Proofing Items Pulled from Shelves

Major Recall: Nearly 1 Million Child-Proofing Items Pulled from Shelves

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced yesterday that Safety 1st is recalling nearly one million cabinet locks sold from 2004 through last month at major retail stores. The recall involves Safety 1st Push 'N Snap cabinet locks.

In at least 140 cases, children have been able to open the locks. Three children had to be treated for swallowing or handling household cleaning products.

Read the whole story.

Image Source: via CNN

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NikkiCompton NikkiCompton 5 years
Wow....telling people to watch their kids. I suppose that means dragging them with to the bathroom. Or never letting go in another room without you...who does that? The ignorance of people so quick to judge others that use child proofing sad. Aren't we all mothers?? Is any one of us deemed a better parent for not child proofing? Some people are just so quick to criticize.
TerriePowers TerriePowers 5 years
how about putting safe things like pots and pans in the cabinets the lil ones can reach and theyll have some entertainment, cleaning products up wer i can hardly reach myself haha
WhitneyWhite29551 WhitneyWhite29551 5 years
Where some people may NOT watch there kids, others DO but can't follow them around every second of the day or they'd never get anything done. That's why child proofing was invented. It has nothing to do with people being negligent.
BonnieMontgomery40762 BonnieMontgomery40762 5 years
I actually bought these locks. Within the first two minutes my 2 year old twins were able to open them. I was actually using the locks for a closet that stored my husband's deployment gear. It was obvious that they did not work. As for dangerous chemicals, cleaners, items, etc... I keep those FAR out of my children's reach whether there is a child "lock" on the cabinet or not.. These locks are only a deterrent, not a guarentee. Common sense, and parenting is much more effective.
BethMonroe96241 BethMonroe96241 5 years
I did not need the government to tell me these things don't actually work! But thanks for catching up with what every parent has likely already discoved: "childproof" only means it will be difficult for me to open or use... the kids figure these devices out pretty quick!
SophieKendall SophieKendall 5 years
Better yet, store the dangerous products out of reach, or actually WATCH your kids (God forbid!)
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