The Make-a-Wish Foundation's latest wish recipient went to new heights, quite literally. Eight-year-old Max Vertin — and his two younger brothers — all suffer from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The genetic condition is most common among boys and causes muscular degeneration that becomes increasingly worse. While he's able to walk now, Max has already been fit for a wheelchair that he's expected to need within a year.

When given the unique opportunity to have his ultimate wish granted, little Max's dreams were sky high. He wanted nothing more than to fly like his favorite superhero, Iron Man. Now dubbed "Iron Max," the Nebraska boy was taken to an indoor skydiving facility in Colorado, where he got to "fly" in a wind tunnel. Max's 5-year-old brother, Rowan, joined in on the fun. "This is awesome. This is the break we needed," older sister Lexi told KUSA. "It's nice not to be at the doctor's and getting shots. We can just have fun."