Mommy Dearest,

My daughter is four years old and is as "girly" as can be. She watches me get dressed for work in the morning and even "helps" me put on my makeup. My mom started buying her toy makeup kits two years ago and often gives her the free cosmetic samples she gets at department stores. Both my husband and I have told my mother that we don't want our child playing with makeup, but she laughs it off, saying that we are being too strict. How young is too young for a child to be playing with makeup?

– Don't Want Daughter Made Up

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Don't Want Daughter Made Up,

Lots of little girls and boys like experimenting with makeup, but it's up to parents to decide what age wearing cosmetics is appropriate. The powders, brushes, tubes of bright lipstick, and sparkly eye shadow entice kiddos because they resemble art supplies. Children have flawless skin and features so it's understandable why you don't your daughter painting her face with products that are for adults or may contain chemicals. But you may be sending mixed messages by having her help with your makeup and letting her play with the goodies grandma has given her. You should sit down with your mother and discuss the rules from this point on, and ask that she respect them. Since it seems the two bond over playing makeup, maybe you would consider allowing her to paint your daughter's nails or dab on a dot of clear gloss as a special treat when they are in each other's company.

—Mommy Dearest

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