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Well, cross Malaysia Airlines off your travel list if you plan to fly with your tot. The international airline is defending its decision to ban babies from the first class of its new long haul planes, saying that crying kids disrupt sleep for high-paying fellow travelers. To reinforce their decision, the airline will not be installing bassinets in the forward-most cabin when it takes delivery of the planes in 2012.

Earlier this year a majority of LilSugar readers agreed that kids don't belong in the first-class cabin, regardless of how much their parents pay for the seat. Now that an airline is actually making this their policy, would you continue to give them your business even if you were traveling in a different class?

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Bluebird-Kisses Bluebird-Kisses 6 years
I think its ridiculous that they banned kids from frist class!
EvieJ EvieJ 6 years
Me, too, fjaril. When we were doing long-haul flights, we were always in first. Now that we're doing only domestic, we sit in the back, but I never ever had a problem with any other passengers giving me dirty looks. Although maybe they just did it behind our backs? :)
fjaril fjaril 6 years
huh, my kid has flown first class man times and I've never gotten a dirty look or complaints from anyone.
AsTheNight AsTheNight 6 years
Sure, I'd give them my business. Babies can't help it if they need to cry, and sometimes, no matter what you do, they're not going to stop until they're ready. If I'm paying the big bucks for 1st class, I expect to get what I paid for. I love all kids and wish them only the best, but I shouldn't have to be disturbed by them...KWIM? You still have business class if you can't stand to be in coach.
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